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Qatar invests more per capita in healthcare than any other GCC country. High quality free and low-cost treatment is available, alongside a plethora of private medical clinics and hospitals.

Private Medical Insurance and Clinics

Your employer may provide you with private medical insurance that can cover a range of treatments. Popular providers in Qatar include Axa and Allianz. You will need to check which treatments your insurance covers and confirm with any private clinics that they accept your medical insurance. In most cases, you will receive consultations and prescriptions covered by your insurance card but this is not still guaranteed. There are a huge number of private medical clinics in Doha. Quality of treatment and prices for consultations and treatments may vary. Two of the major private clinics that are well known and have held a good reputation in Doha include Doha Clinic and Al Ahli.

 Good to know:

Treatments for maternity are usually not covered by medical insurance. Clarify the pricing before you confirm your appointment. The state-run Hamad healthcare covers maternity appointments and delivery.

Anaya Health Card

An alternative to private medical insurance if you are not covered by your employer or spouse’s employer, is the Anaya health card. This was launched in April 2018 and costs 499 QR a year. It offers a range of discounts on medical treatments across a number of clinics in Doha. To enrol in the programme you can click here.

State Provided Healthcare

Qatar provides healthcare for its citizens through the Hamad Medical Corporation. This provides low-cost and in some cases, free, healthcare to its citizens. To register for your Hamad Health Card you will need:

  • A valid copy of your Qatar ID
  • A debit/credit card to pay a fee of 100 QR
  • A copy of a utility bill or proof of residence
  • 2 passport-size photographs

You will need to visit your local Primary Health Care Centre. Here is a map of locations that may aid your search. However, please call the relevant health care centre before visiting to confirm. On occasion, the assigned health care centre to your location may not be the one closest in distance to you.

Once you have visited the health centre for the initial process, you may need to visit the main Hamad hospital for payment and processing of your cards. These can usually be done during the same appointment but if there is a backlog, you may need to wait a few days to collect them. The registration desk is in the main outpatient building. Opening hours may vary. Please call Hamad Customer Services on 4439 5777 for more information.

Once registered with Hamad, you are able to use its network of clinics and the main hospital for medical treatment. There is also a subsidised pharmacy through Hamad where you can pick up necessary prescriptions.


If you suffer from a chronic disease requiring continuing care, you can get your medicines in Qatar, thus ensuring the continuity of your treatment. However, medicines brand names may vary locally. You can contact the embassy or consulate of your home country established in Qatar to get a list of doctors speaking your language. Note that certain drugs like antidepressants are banned in Qatar.

Useful contacts:

You will find the addresses of most hospitals and health care centres on the Hamad Medical Corporation website.

Emergency number in Qatar

For all emergencies: 999

 Useful links:

Hukoomi - Health Card application
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Hukoomi - Qatar Supreme Council of Health

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