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Internet access is very widespread in Qatar. Both Ooredoo and Vodafone offer fibre broadband services.

Recently, Vodafone has been competing with Ooredoo, hence offering very attractive internet packages at interesting rates. These also come bundled with cable television channels. So if you wish to subscribe for internet in Qatar, make sure to make the best choice as an expatriate and according to your means.

Types of connection

Broadband prices via Ooredoo start at QR 250 (1 Mbps) for an ADSL connection. However, at the time of writing, Ooredoo offers Fibre broadband (15 Mbps) and either a landline or tv service for only 50 riyals a month more (QR 300). Please click here for more information.

Broadband through Vodafone starts at QR 200 (5 Mbps) to QR 550 (100 Mbps) with free home phone service. Installation fees range from QR 199 (Ooredoo) with a 3-month minimum subscription.

You can choose between prepaid packages and a subscription which is cheaper.

Get connected

If your house or apartment is already equipped with a landline, you will not have to wait long before being connected. You can just call the 115 for Ooredoo or 111 for Vodafone to request installation. Otherwise, you can visit any branch of the service provider of your choice with your ID card, your passport, and your residence permit. A copy of your lease documents may also be required.

Note that internet subscription in Qatar is bound by a minimum of three months duration contract as it applies for landlines. However, installation may take more than a week.

 Good to know:

Skype is available in Qatar, unlike in the United Arab Emirates. This will allow you to make international calls and even video calls free of charge.

Internet cafes

You can still access the internet by other means even if you do not have an internet connection. Indeed, you are likely to find many internet cafes in different cities, particularly in Doha. Connection rates vary between QR 5-10 hour.


You will also find many Wi-Fi spots where you can have free internet access. These are usually found in parks, shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, etc. You will find them almost everywhere across Doha. Wi-Fi hotspots, on the other hand, provide paid internet access. You can easily spot these places with a sign saying Ooredoo Place.

Cable television

Ooredoo also provides cable television in Qatar, that is Mozaik TV. This package includes a landline, internet access, and cable TV. Prices start as from QR 250 per month depending on the number of selected channels. You will then be able to enjoy a wide range of channels, including sports, documentaries, movies, and TV series, etc.

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