Referral medical pending with authorities (Under Outside Process)

Hi Guys,

My Employer applied for the a work visa in May 2022. However, it seems to be taking quite a long wait before the visa can be issued.

  • Initial Medical (QVC - Colombo) 20th May 2022
  • Referral Medical (QVC - Colombo) 2nd June 2022
  • Current Status in QVC : Referral Medical Report Pending with Authority
  • Current Status in MOI : Under Outside Process - Worker Biometrics Test Received from Outside.
I am not sure where to follow-up. I have initiated a ticket on Government Contact Centre website to follow-up and yet no updates. I am not sure how long to wait and where to follow up (in person if possible). Has anyone experienced the same what I am going through?

The Sponsor mentioned that he would make a complaint on Sunday to expedite the medical report update. I contracted directly the MOI and they said there is no problem with the Visa , but only the medical report status needs to be updated.

Any guess why this could happen?? FYI, I was in Qatar before.

@int.qshd hi brother you r visa status ok or no please tell me

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same situation for me in Srilanka

@int.qshd Hi has your issue been resolved? Also, can you let me know how to contact MOI directly?

@int.qshd hope everything was okay now, may i know how many  days it's got to print your visa?

@niranjalase1435 how long did you waiting for ?

Hi Guys,

Also I have done my QVC in new Delhi on last 20th of sep. then next day on 21st of sep. my Madicale report and biometrics test has submited by authority.


any suggest is any problem is there or visa can be issue.



Referral medical report pending with authorities   

Is ka kiya matlab hi

Referral medical report pending with authorities

Is ka kiya matlab hi

1f600.svgin Urdu after translated it says ریفرل میڈیکل رپورٹ حکام کے پاس زیر التوا ہے۔

@int.qshd  where to contacted moh? Thanks

Hi.. i submitted my referral medical on feb 6,2023, until now feb 14, 2023 still report pending with authorities.. what should i do?? Plss reply.  Thanks.

HI, Some help me regarding Medical report Pending with Authority, i called QVC India they told me that medical report sent already,

Medical done on 29-June-02023.

Hi Wilson,

I have done my QVC on July 18th, till now I can see the update as Referral medical report pending with authorities. On the day of appointment during vision checkup I forgot my eye glasses, my right eye had less visibility they referred to an ophthalmologist, later i went with new glasses along with reports from the ophthalmologist and I have read clearly during the test.

I had an eye cataract surgery earlier in 2019, will this impact on my visa processing.

What would be the chances here to get I'm medically fit or unfit.

Please guide me. Thanks

@Naresh Kumar6 your problem solved?

I maike first test agust 7

Last test.  Agust 30. Pls updet

*** visa application  pls upder

I maike first test agust 7. Last test 30 pls updet

@Naresh Kumar6 same problem for me referal medical reporting pending with authority ... in this same problem how much time is taken your problem is solve?

Refrel Medical report pending  with Authority

WHat I do

Please tel me

I also did my medical on 29 of nov

Then retest done on 14 nov 20 days finish still no update  wilson sir can u plz give some guidance wt to do nxt

@Saravananthankaraj it means that your reports are lying with authorities and yet not finalized for FIT/UNFIT