QVC medical and Visa expiry

Hi all,

I passed my QVC medical and my visa is ready to print with expiry in January. I have heard that QVC medical result has their own expiry of 60 days after the medical test. Can I go to Qatar after those 60 days as long as my Visa has not expired? Is QVC medical still relevant after the visa has been issued?

You cant travel on Employment Visa after QVC Medical report validity expired. You need to repeat again the Medical test.

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I missed my Wednesday appointment because of a name mistake.  Can I get medical done on Saturday with my previous appointment letter?Or I have to take a new appointment

@sktamim1234 you can reschedule the appointment by calling QVC or use the option in QVC website.

My visa is expired after 15 days of my medical what to do now please tell me

my visa status is ready to be printed and validity date is written 27 march 2024. my company is still not printed the visa till the validity written. can  my company take  print after this mention date in the same medical in any case.