Still pending for result available with Employer

Its been Five days the QVC status is pending with Result available with Employer. Please let me know what shoud I do here ?

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@Ashhar Mohammed my one 18days already results pending

@Ashhar Mohammed  same problem 😢

@Ashhar Mohammed please send me your mobile or WhatsApp number

May medical report pending

@Md Ferdous Nayeem  did you received visa bro

After medical how many days it's take time to receive visa

Female here. Same I went on 29th nov. Then they recalled me for retest of xray. I went again on 2 dec. according to my timeline my medical was submitted on 5th Dec.

till now no update. I badly need to be there to earn for my family here in my country. I dont know whats the delay 💔

@mohammedrajath2003 Results Available with Employer tick is unable how to much take time to get Results Available with Employer tick is available and what's your current status QVC application


My medical report submit Dec 31

But my status results available with employer

Not showing tick and my visa status showing visa outside processing 40-45 days finish but not showing last tick

Please give me your opinion what can I do



I have the same status since 27 March 2024. Did your employer managed to get the results? How many days it takes before you fonally get yiur visa?