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Good morning sir, my name is syed mohammad imran and i am from India recently I visted qvc they given my report as unfit u have like tb wee need check u pay 1700 amount but i paid it also they given my report as unfit but i am already worked in doha qatar i don't any disease after that i went to hospital I check up my chest from doctor but doctor said u don't have any tb are pneumonia u don't have any big disease wat it was it's a normal infection that is not a major disease. So wat I need to do know sir please tell me nd help me sir. My visa status was showing canceled sir

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Hello wilson .

I did my qvc on 11th of april and on 12th they called me for recheck of xray . And also asked me 1850rs for blood test. And when I asked them they said everything was clear. On 28th of april my employer got a mail stating that my visa is canceled and I am medically unfit. But yesterday 30th of April when I went for checkup (xray &all ) my report is clear and I am medically fit. My employer he has already applied for another visa so I have to go for qvc again. Can you please help me in this case. Like what are the chances my report will come as fit.

@Wilson also I did my qvc kolkata and this time I am thinking of doing it from Delhi. I dont know why I was medically unfit as well. So can I call qvc helpline number and check with them if I can do some checkup with their hospital?? please help me

IN QVC they will have the record no need to change the location its electronic and you can ask to get the list of affiliated hospital with QVC in India and repeat the test.

Sometimes visa get cancel if the validly period is over.

@Wilson sir, I'm from india. my medical is done on February 17th & report submitted on 22nd feb, but still visa is under outside process, its more than 2 months now and my visa will expire by next week. Kindly advice me.


Kindly ask your employer to get in touch with QVC Qatar to raise this delay isssue or even you can call QVC and ask the status why this delay and raise the ticket.