QVC Medical unfit without mentioned particular reason

I did my QVC medical after few days they send a message to sponsor medical unfit without mentioned any particular reason why my medical unfit.I did all the necessary tests again in laboratory the results are negative And still me and my sponsor don't know why my medical unfit.

This is very frequent scenario, mainly because of unclear X-ray. Happened with me as well. You can reapply for the visa after 3 months, from some other destination. Example if you did it from Mumbai first then do it from Kerala next time.

do carry the negative reports with you while going for the second time. And don't mention to them about first unfit thing, unless they ask.

Hope this helps and things work out for you.

All the best :)

@Usman sher Khan in which country? And don't you revisit for retest in qvc

@Usman sher Khan assalamu alaikum brother

My medical pending for too long????