Making phone calls in Qatar


When settling in Qatar, one of the priorities is to be able to make phone calls.

How to proceed to get a landline installed in Qatar?

What are the mobile operators?

What is your average monthly budget?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience,



I just did it today but I didn't install a landline, only a prepaid sim card for my mobile phone.

From my understanding there is the choice between 2 operators :
Ooredoo and Vodafone

Ooredoo is the oldest operator which is covering the whole country, Vodafone on the other side is newest and is only covering the center of Doha but it is cheaper.

I did choose Vodafone with the prepaid thing, fast and easy, you only need to show your passport (and pay!). Maybe I will switch to the other operator, it doesn't really matter you can do whatever with the prepaid system.


i have ooredoo prepaid sim card, i enjoyed with international call sieves (1 QR per week) they offer a best price for international call about 0.45 Qr per minute.
also i used  Ooredoo Money  so i can recharge my phone and transfer many to around 150 countries.
my favorite is  METRASH service  you will get  instantly message from the public authority services ( immigration passport dep, traffic department), but you have to register your phone number with your ID Card.


I'm using ooredoo prepaid sim. I'm always buying their 6GB package of data so I can use it to message my friends through facebook, whatsapp and viber. I'm just alotting 100Qr for my voice calls. I'm just using voice calls for calling philippines and my friends who don't have facebook or viber.

there's a postpaid plan in ooredoo  where you can have unlimited minutes of free calls with one specific number in Qatar. There is also plan where all calls to landlines are free. Just visit ooredoo shops and ask them about this postpaid plan.

how much the package mate?

how much the vodafone and order package / month?

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