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Hello everyone,
I was interviewed by PHCC on October 2020, for the position of Psychiatric Physician. On November, 2020 I was informed that I was selected for the position. As a next step of the recruitment process, the HR dep. has requested me to provide the related documents to generate my Job offer letter. I am still waiting since that date for any updates but unfortunately didn't hear anything from them yet, I tried to contact them by phone and email several times without success.
I appreciate any advice or help regarding to this issue.
I would like also to ask you about the process in general, in what orders things like "offer, contract, accreditation, data flow, Licensing, visa" are done and in what time frame?
how to know the current status of my application process and the time duration that I should wait for further steps.

Update, finally I had a call 2 days ago from HR dep. Informing me that they had to put all the applications on hold until March or April so they can adjust them to the annual budget, so they should send me the offer on that date

Dear Dr.,

I am also waiting for a job offer at PHCC-Qatar. I had my interview on October 2020 and I completed sending the requested documents in June 2021 (because there has been a delay related to COVID-19 lockdown as I have been informed). However, I did not receive a job offer yet and don't know anything about what to expect as next steps in the recruiting procedure. I would be happy if you can give me some information based on your personal experience.

Best regards

Still nothing! waiting for the job offer


Did you hear back from them yet? I'm in the same situation

After following-up with them (by email and by phone), I have been given a offer that I didn't take (only because I had a better opportunity)


What the duration you waited to receive the offer letter? Also if its possible could you please share with me their email so I can contact them.

Thank you

I have waited from October 2020 until September 2021. The email address is that of the person who contacted you for the interview

I ve got the offer letter 14 months back, signed and sent the documents as well, and still waiting for further process, its been 8 months since i sent my documents... Been sending regular emails and giving call no update till now , for the process.

I am waiting for budget confirmation. Does anyone know when this happens

@R... is there phone number to contact them?

@Drpb April/May

@Drpb when did u finish u r intervew?

Hi all I interviewed in September 2023. Dhp licence approved. Visa ready to print according to recruitment agency. They have advised it needs to be printed and issued. They asked which airport I'd like to fly from. But no further updates. Has anyone else heard back?

Once the Visa is ready and printed then no need to worry, sometimes they just wait to see how many new joiners from the same country and then they will book together on the same flight.

@Wilson many thanks Wilson. Your posts on this group have been insightful and have helped me on this journey.

@Faisaldoha Dec 2021

@ishfarkahmed Are u a UK GP?

@Drpb yes

@Drpb my intervew finished in april 2022 still no information

@ishfarkahmed  Hi do you have an idea about prometric exam? Thank you

@rim sellami  Hi Rim, unfortunately I don't. It's not an exam I have had to do.

Thank you

Hello. There is anyone who have  an idea about primetric exam? Material....

Thank you

Hi All, I interviewed in Sept, signed the pre-offer letter, then they said they r waiting for budget approval. Any idea how long will it take to get offer letter ?

once anyone received offer letter how long is it generally to get visa??

Hi dear

   To get visa for work if it's ready already need only 2 to 4 days to activate it if the company don't have it and still they will apply for visa maybe it will take time and it's up sometimes a week and other times more than a week but not too much time I mean not more than a month hope my answer it's clear .

Hi All, I interviewed in Sept, signed the pre-offer letter, then they said they r waiting for budget approval. Any idea how long will it take to get offer letter ?
once anyone received offer letter how long is it generally to get visa??

Usually budgeting/ restructure in HMC/ PHCC takes place in the month of March and April every year and approved to the Department.

Once you have authentic/ attest your certificates and onboard team will confirm the Next step for Visa process.

Depends Visa application process will take 2-3 weeks or in a week can be approved.

NOTE: DO NOT Resign from your current employer until PHCC/ HMC give a confirmation.

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Congratulations on your visa! How long did it take to get offer letter and then visa process? I also interviewed in sept 2022 but still waiting for offer letter

Hi @ishfarkahmed,

I hope you're keeping well.

Did you have 12 months work experience post training under NHS TRUST England?

DHP licensing team (Qatar) have recently changed their policy which is causing a problem for Doctors from England (UK) to obtain a medical licence. They now want atleast 12 months post training work experience under NHS TRUST England and working only for NHS England won't suffice,   even though they are part of the same body and the duties and responsibilities of a Doctor does not change. I feel DHP Qatar don't understand how the NHS is structured in England (UK) and the policy change by DHP Qatar makes no sense to me and others.

Hi everyone

I've also applied for PHCC Family Medicine consultant post

I received update on website which states "Job Offer Under Approval ."

Do you know how long roughly this takes, havent been informed of package details as yet.



When did you send your documents ???

I am also applying for same position, got selected 2 weeks ago, told to send documents, sent documents 1 week ago, told to wait for Job offer, but not sure who long it takes to get it ..


Yeh im in a very similar boat, just waiting now, ive sent documents about a week ago also


Sounds good. Let's see how it goes. From this thread it looks like it usually take long time to get the job offer.

Keep us updated and I will keep you guys updated if I get any offer


Hey I'm in a similar position

I gave a call and they said it depends on how quickly we send documents

but they gave example of someone who applied in June and got it all sorted out by October.

Which country are you coming from? is is consultant family physician role?

Is it true to apply for consultant post, you have to be either the 1st or 2nd author of 2 published papers? Or sufficed to just be one of the co author of published papers?


That is what I have heard. However, you can do this later within a year or two of moving there, and being offered a consultant post is not dependent on being 1st/2nd author in a paper. It is when you get there, you have to do this within a certain period of time. This information is second hand obviously, as I am still waiting for my offer letter.

@Abd H

I've got 2 published papers already but i was not the 1st or 2nd author, great to know that they dont require that as pre requsite to get offered as consultant as i noticed the salary between specialist and consultant post is quite huge.

Do u know if we still need to publish papers when we work there if we already have it but not as 1st or 2nd author?


Same situation as you are. Got 3 publications with my name as the 3rd author. Yes, I think it is a must to have your name as 1st and 2nd author once you get there, preferably within a year or two. The pay for specialist Family physician is pathetic and is not worth moving for, unless you are really struggling where you are currently. I for one, will not be moving if not offered at least £10k equivalent per month.

@Abd H

Thanks for your feedback, it's really helpful and i greatly appreciate it

I'm still waiting to be called for an interview, pls pray for me ya