How long need to wait for Hamad offer after selection

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I have given interview on DEC 12th for analyst position and got a email from HR on 1st jan regadring the position which i have selected and asked me to send documents and base salary expectation.

1.How much time HR used take to relase offer?

2.How much base salary can i expect for s/w analsyst position? and i have 7 years of experince as a software analyst.

Can any one please answer

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Hello ,

If everything is inline and your recruitment is on priority then this may take a couple of months.

Post interview, following are the steps which I've personally experience a couple of years ago.  I was interviewed in January last week and I traveled to Qatar in Sept 2nd week, so it took me  almost 8 months from the interview day. However, the current process may have some extra steps or may have omitted a couple of existing steps.

Note: the following steps are sequential and nothing happens parallel.

1. Confirmation email that your are will have to share all you experience and academics documents...this is required to do a fitment and give you an offer. (2-3 weeks post interview)

2. Offer letter.....based on the years of experience and educational qualification and also the job role, you'll be offered a salary. (2-3 weeks)

3. Once offer is accepted by you, they may connect you to a consultant who will help you in getting all you academics attested and he may be your point of contact for all the communications from here on. (attestation and verification may take 40days or all depends on the verification process and how fast your current and/or ex-companies respond to the verification(you may need to do some pushing from your end to get the verification done).

4. Once all verification is complete, then HMC may apply for a visa for you which does not take more then a week's time. Once visa approved they may share the same with you and ask you for a suitable travel time so that they may book the tickets.

Honestly it all depends how much urgently they need you here. I've seen may cases in the past ( where it took some people morethen a year to travel.....a few of them had their visa in hands however they never travelled since they were asked to wait and no one came back to them.

What I've detailed above is all based on my personaL experience only and you may see all together a different approach.

Hope this helps,

regarding salary expectations, I am honestly not sure what it should be.  There are mixed feedback when I spoke a few colleagues here. It also depends on the passport you hold. So I'ed say let the offer come and you don't set a wrong expectation for your self.

Remember you can always negotiate if you feel you've been offered less then you deserve.

Thank for your comments really helpfull... :)

Just got to know the grade is 112/113 for analyst position

You are welcome. 112 is analyst and 113 is specialist.

Hi sir

Good Morning

I applied job HMC  1 month before through Global medical recuirtment agency.
I send all the documents to the agency. That agency told me already submitted  the application with documents to the hospital for the verification. More than 1 month is finished.
Still i am waiting for the interview call.
I would like to know how long it will take time.

Please guide me sir.

Thank you


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