Under outside process (Biometric test received from outside)

is there anybody to help me about it?

i did medical From Qvc 8sept 2022. My report submitted 11sept 2022 , Now the problem is It's has been 26days the visa Status still showing under outside process.

i talk with Qvc inside my country they said the results have been sent in Moh Qatar

i am very worried about this problem

is there anybody give me any suggestions to resolve the problem?

Hello Nayeem,

There are already a lot of discussions on the Qatar forum that have covered the same issue as yours.

Kindly take the time to read those. If you fail to find the information that you need, you can ask your questions again on the forum.



Expat.com team

@Md Ferdous Nayeem same me now 1 month ago no changing I sent employer to moi there give some days to print now my visa expiry next month. No solution this problom. ..

@Md Ferdous Nayeem i am all so same problem my medical report submitted 2022/9/13/ but still not radey to print nobody know this issue  a lot off people asks this problem but nobody known

@Md Ferdous Nayeem what happened this issue please tell my any one have experience this issue medical submitted after 24hours you can get the result but this problem for what?? Under outside process worker biometric test received from outside what's that's haa 😂

@ym926529 meby ur waiting for visa cancel or expiry until wait. And check

Me also waiting no changing this month expiry my visa employer they don't no how to solve this

@Md Ferdous Nayeem don't wait cancel the visa and apply fresh again

@Anees Nisam  is there no chance to get the visa?

@Md Ferdous Nayeem I don't know same like you  Im thinking no come ready to print

Once the problem is resolved, people are not updating the outcome here.

From FB profile, I see that @Md Ferdous Nayeem is already in Doha (Qatar). It will just take time for visa to get approved

You guys don't have to worry if

  1. Medical Report is submitted (QVC)
  2. MOI shows "Under outside process - Worker Biometrics Tests received from outside"

Wait for 15 working days. When I called Qatar QVC (not local QVC), they asked me to wait for 15 days

Hi my QVC report submitted on 2nd jan after 15 (working days) complaintion of medical my sponsor raised a ticket to QVC they suggest to visit biometrics department at al rayyan my sponsor visited and they said it will automatically come to ready to print bt till a now its showing Under Outside Process( Biometrics Tests received from outside) … i don't know how long it will take go come ready to print … its so delay from QVC is there is any other additional things need to do.. or what.?.?

@khanvict90 it will come ready to print or not max how many days it tooks..?

@Basanta Adhikari

Well, I also have the same problem. Mine was submitted on 24 Jan. I will have to wait till 13-14 Feb. Then I will ask employer to raise ticket.

Let's see what will happen. Did you revisit QVC for Biometric or medical earlier? or do you have any appointment reschedule history?

@Md Ferdous Nayeem  did your visa ready to print..?

I have the same problem, any solutions??

@Md Ferdous Nayeem did your problem solve?

I can't login

@Basanta Adhikari  same issue like you did you solve your issue …! Your visa is ready to print

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My medical done on 6 feb. More than two months now still showing outside process

@Noman Yousaf12 please let me know if your visa got approved or rejected because my situation also the same medical is done 13th February its already 2 months &15 days finished but still it is showing under outside process


No change in status.

I did complete qatar visa medical last 2october but visa status has still under outside process anyone suggest to me how solve this problem

I did my medical on July 19th.. they submitted my results on 14th Aug, only after my employer registered a complaint. Last month the visa validity expired, I came to Qatar by Hayya visa and directly went to Immigration. The captain told me from QVC, they mismatched my biometrics. That's why, my visa wasn't showed ready to print. I lost that job. I did it from QVC Kochi in India.