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What if there is a work offer let say for example in Dubai and the worker find final exit here in Saudi Arabia.... Did the worker need to wait the process of final exit then is it possible to go through cross country? Anyone know how to do this process? Any advise guys? Thanks in advance..

What do you mean with final exit?

Exit in Saudi Arabia.. this is what I mean. If I will cross country, let say I want to go to Dubai, is it possible?

You want to travel by car from Dubai to Saudi Arabia?
You can go on the motorway E11 in Dubai and exit in Saudi Arabia.
Though you may require a VISA for Saudi Arabia.

First, let me say something.. my home country is Philippines..

No..not by car.. let say for example I have prospect employer, this employer want me to do the process of corssing the country to dubai from here in Saudi Arabia.. some people say before this happened, I need to let the immigration in Saudi to confirm my exit  here and then I need to skip the flight going to my home country and then my prospect employer can rebook my flight to cross country.. Is this possible?

I believe you are asking if you can get exit from KSA and then go by road to Dubai ? If so technically yes if you have a valid visa to Dxb, but I would not advise it since there are check points on the road and if stopped and checked, you will have to explain the whole process to them as to why you are doing this. And also I am not sure about the data entries at the land borders - having faced issues where they record wrongly or forget to stamp in the passport.

1- Ask your potential employer in Dubai to process your work visa.
2- Get final exit from your current employer in Saudi Arabia.
3- If #1 above is completed, you can land in Dubai and start working with the new employer.

Yes.. I helps a lot..
Thank you very much...

Yes.... It helps a lot.. Thank you very much.. I mean...

Good day, is there anyone else here who is able to answer if there is agencies in Jeddah, KSA that can find a work for me in New Zealand? Same as recruitment agency in Philippines? And it is possible that they call a "Cross Country".

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"Can i go saudi arabia thru cross country?i have already visa from my prospected employer"
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