Advices for a great brunch in London?

Hi everybody!!

I am a great fan of food and perticularly brunches :)Seems that London is a good place for that :)
does anybody have a great address to share? Anywhere in London?

By the way, if you have any other good restaurants addresses, you can also post a message!

Thanks for sharing!


Welcome on board Cecilea ;)


Come on guys, what am I going to do on sunday morning without your help!

The Albion in Shoredich has fantastic brunch (and breakfast!).


Thank you! Looks fab!
Let me return the favour: I went last week end to this cafe(not so far away from the Albion)named Royal Oak and the food was great.
> Actually, seems like it is well known. Try the french fries or the pie :)

Café luc sur marylebone High Street c'est vraiment pas mal :-)

Sounds great! Will certainly try next week! Thanks!

Hello Vivilondon,

Can you please interact in English in this Anglophone forum!

Thanks you for your kind comprehension.


Sorry Yud I did not know.

Raoul's by Portobello Road is a must and order the Eggs Benedict. Mmmmmmmm...

Hey jorge,

Thanks a lot for your advice: indeed, I saw your photo and it really looks yummy! You conviced me (by the way, nice blog!)

Just to return the favour: I went to Brixton last week and experienced the most genuine colombian food at La Cabaña. I am telling you: just go there. This is paradise when it comes to the food :)

I think Bills Produce in Covent Garden area is really cute.
If you are ever looking for a coffee spot you can check out the coffee page on my blog... I also like the Grazing Goat near Marble arch and Caravan by Exeter Market