British museum

I went to the British museum over the weekend, to be honest I was not really expecting a great deal, I've never seen any pictures or heard off in great detail about the museum, I did however expect the average standard of a museum in London so my expectations were quite high. How far out was I, the museum was absolutely mind blowing from the moment I saw the great big columns at the spectacular entrance of the building, and that was just the entrance, the exhibits really are second to none, they have everything there, and the worth of all the objects must be in the billions, it really was amazing. My favorite display had to be the treasure from the anglo-saxon burial ship, it was stunning. There was so much to see that I did not get to see everything, which is great because it gives me a very good reason to go back, I would rank the British Museum in the top five things to see in London. (moderated: no ads)

Hi sam , my name is safi im comne from paris , i saw your text about Museum one i wanna go there really i like to see pictures , ect.... where are u living in london ?

safia pearl > I also recommend the British museums to all visitors in London. It's just fantastic !

Hi safia,
Yeah the British museum is amazing, there are photos of lots of the exhibits here (moderated: broken link)
just click where it says gallery, there is a slide show on the page and you will see the photos in that slide show, the rest of the website is really good , there is a page on historical people and places a poetry page and there is loads of travel and practical info on London, if you have a question that you cant find the answer they will answer it for you on this page (moderated: broken link) I live in bromley which is about a 12min train ride from London Victoria, If you need any help with your trip or some advice just ask via the website, thanks