Free lessons of tennis for beginers

hi everybody , i am a french speaker in london and i am here to improve my english in order to make a phd , i am going to give you free lessons of tennis for beginers  or simply play with any person speaks english native or not, iam free at the week end and at the evening

I have  balls and  2 rackets, and i play generaly in bermondsey "it is free from charge"

Hello consultantmkg,

Please note that your discussion has been moved to the English version of the London forum ;)

I suggest you to post an advert in London classifieds > Classes section.

Thank you,

Where are these tennis lessons held?

I would like to learn to play tennis. I live near Lewisham which is close to Bermondsey.
I am a member of a sports club. Our club grounds have tennis courts were we can play for free as an alternative venue. I'm usually available on Saturdays.

Let me know if you're interested.


Sounds good... Anymore info? I live locally the bermondsey so might be interested :)