Where do you find best Parties & usually have great times in London?

Hello all :)

We have many expatriates of all ages on the forum, and one of the most common thing many people in the 20-30 years of age (sometimes even more!) wants to know, is where to have fun, where to party?

One of the most important thing we would like know here is : where to have great Night Life parties in England?

Looking forward to read you!

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You want to head up to Dalston and Hackney to party

Good Jazz at the Vortex club...

Dalston superstore for good clubbing...

david p99 wrote:

You want to head up to Dalston and Hackney to party

Good Jazz at the Vortex club...

Dalston superstore for good clubbing...

Thank you for the info David!


WOW, nobody here knows where to have great parties  :o

You can have great paties in Bricklane, Brixton, Soho, Camden town ;-) try them a Friday or a Saturday

I guess soho is best to go u fine huge crowed

Yes soho, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus are area full of clubs.

Hey guys)

I will be in London at the end of this week, I am curious to discover the city§

to looking for a job and have an international experience and of course meet great people :)

don't hesitate to send me a message i will be happy to converse with you and meet you!


Hi Mylittleparis,

Note that the topic here is about " Where do you find best Parties & usually have great times in London? "

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The Cuban. Camden Market.

in london of course

Southbank by the Thames Udderbelly/wonderland all day drinking with shows in the evening all summer

As mentioned before, Dalston and Shoreditch are pretty cool areas to go clubbing. I'd also recommend Camden and Soho depending what you're after.

If you want something more chill or to meet new people before you go drinking with them then try a website called Social Belly. I met a fair few people off there at dinner parties when I moved here and now they're part of my core group.

Hope this helps!

Best placed are Leicester square, soho, Piccadilly circus loads of places to chill.

Edgeware road is great too for dinning, and New Bond Street.

It all depends what you are looking for, but I would suggest heading out east to Dalston/Shoredtich etc as there some great places to go and meet great peole.

There are so many great places to go out in London, predominantly East is quite young so as mentioned above, places such as Brick Lane, Shoreditch, Dalston and Hackney are very popular. However, South is developing more of a name for itself with some really good things happening in New Cross and Peckham. So pretty much most places on the Overground line!

I would recommend Time Out London for keeping an eye on things, or if you have a smartphone the Dojo London app is pretty good at finding places.

Good luck!


Hackney, Peckham.. places I would rather avoid! i.e pretty dangerous.

Hi at all how yours does  me watsapp *************

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Yeh I know what you mean XB23, they got a pretty bad rep previously but they're so much better now, they're becoming quite popular (gentrified, some would say) so they're not especially dangerous anymore. As with anywhere in London you just need to be sensible and you should be fine!


Well it's a place filled with a certain type of people from a certain background who tend to be involved in certain sort of stuff...I really don't need to spell it out who I'm talking about or what they get themselves involved in! They are the reason why these areas have a bad reputation. Are you telling me most of them have since relocated and have been replaced with decent people? If not, I guess they've toned it down then and became a bit more civilized. Oh, or doing a stint at her majesty pleasure. Regardless, a change for the better.

Weekend in Brighton is quite cool, the clubs are quite fun crazy night life there and lots to Do in the day too

If you want to try many different dishes and experience different cultures all in one place, try the queensway/bayswater and notting hill areas of London. In the same area you have portobello road saturday market which has a great atmosphere.

Number 1: London will always have plenty of Parties for all kind of people on offer.
Number 2: During the summer months you can also have a great time at the south coast. The best places are Brighton and Bournemouth.
Number 3: Otherwise all the bigger cities have parties on the weekends - the bigger the city the more the variety of parties.


Actually most big towns and cities have great places to party. Many parts of London, and especially in the West End/Soho/Chinatown areas. But also places like Camden Town is a very happening place.

Brighton is certainly great, and even smaller towns like Eastbourne. But I always thought Bournemouth was more for the elderly population, although I might be wrong.

Then, wherever there are Universities and Colleges you are going to find parties and a pretty fun nightlife.

My home town is such a great place to party they give you plastic cups in the pubs.
Bars and clubs can be dangerous depending on the mood of people in them. And acohol can make being out in the evening more dangerous or a Tuesday morning outside Gregg's....

Saying that I have had many a great night and day partying across the UK but I don't think you can beat a good house party in the summer or a Christmas get together where bring your own and some food makes for a great night and certainly much cheaper.

Well this is quite an interesting thread. At least now i know..hahaha :)

Ministry of sound in Elephant & Castle, ICE in Watford and there are loads of nice places near leicester square, I love the Casinos sometimes you meet very cool people at the poker table and if you're looking for some sort of middle eastern food and shisha you can head to edgware rd. there are so many things in London to do that it will take a 10 page article if I wanna carry on...

BRISTOL - Lots of good clubs for different tastes!

Motion & Lakota for ravers
Bunker & Prism for mainstream busy nights out
Lizard Lounge for cheesy pop
Illuminations magic bar
Start the bus! Jazz nights

And many many more!