Irish girl moving to london. want to meet people to hang out with!!

Hi. Im moving to london soon and id like to meet people to go out with. I love going to the pub, out for dinner, clubs, cinema, travelling etc.etc....

If you are around please let me know I am familiar with the city.

Take care Dave

hiya! r u on facebook? dympna

Yes are you on Facebook?  Easier to keep in touch than here.  I'm not much for clubs but like a good cinema trip and a meet up for coffee/tea sometime?  I'm in London.

Here's my FB profile

hi. r u on facebook? dympna

Try Mingle Trips

Hi. I am in the same boat as you irish girl. Anyone thats wants to show me around london when I arrive in March is going to be a big help:-)

Inbox me...

It is the same for me ! I am French and i will arrive in London the 9th of January. I would like to meet people for going out !

It is the same for me !

Hi !
I arrived a month ago, and look forward to meet new people as well !
There is my Facebook profile :!/profile.php?id=583901921

Hope to see nice faces soon !
And happy new year :)