British Baseball

Updated 2010-01-04 12:11

So, you've arrived in the UK, hundreds or thousands of mile from home, you've moved in and ready to start meeting the locals.  Not always an easy task, especially when you relaize how different the British culture is and how difficult it can be to break the ice with some of the British who are very much set in their ways (I can say that, I'm British! - although brough up in Canada).  However, having found and played baseball in the UK since 1983,  I have had the opportunity to meet like minded people from all over the world.  Over the years we have had players from the USA, Canada, Cuba, Domincan Republic, Venezuela, Ecaudor, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and all over Europe as well, of course players from the UK.  In fact, we have a fantastic mix of quality international players, from all ages who play, manage and/or coach with our senior and youth teams, based in Waltham Abbey Essex.

If course I am promoting The Essex Arrows Baseball Club of which I am the General Manager. We are one of the most well established UK baseball clubs with one of the best fields in the country and we have a team that plays in the National League which is the highest league in UK baseball and one which attracts many players from outside the UK.

The great thing about joining an organisation such as the Essex Arrows Baseball Club, either as a volunteer or a player is that you get to socialise with not only other mainly ex-pat foreigners who are also trying to settle or settling in this foreign land but you also get to meet a lot of English people, of which the club is mainly made up of, and from what I have seen over the past 25 years many good friends have been made between the foreigners and the Nationals within the Essex Arrows Baseball Club. A lot of players have come and gone over the years, some returning to their home countries and some remaining in the UK, however they always take with them the true friendships made at the club which last a lifetime.

In 2009 Jerry Springer was in the UK acting in the West End production of Chicago and his love for baseball shone as he umpired one of our games with hundreds of on-lookers. He was accompanied by our local Mayor who is an ex-pat herself, from Brooklyn New York and she threw out the first pitch in the great spectacular that took place in Waltham Abbey, Essex last summer.

2010 is going to be such an exciting season for the Essex Arrows Baseball Club and we would love any ex-pats living in the UK to join us in our quest to be the best and in what we are doing to try to help the local community by promoting the sport of baseball in local schools. The aim is to create a local little league and to affiliate youth teams to the British league. We are looking for players, coaches or potential managers as well as umpires and volunteers in other areas such as a sponsorship co-ordinators and fundraising organisers. Or even if you just want to come and watch some games, however you want to be involved, we would welcome you.

If you would like any further information, please contact me

Best of luck with your UK adventure... from everyone at the Essex Arrows Baseball Club

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