Working in the UK
Updated 2 months ago

There are numerous ways to seek a position in the United Kingdom. Some of the most popular methods include internet research, spontaneous job applications, recruitment agencies, temporary employment agencies, as well as job adverts in the press, networking, etc.  

Your CV and cover letter

One of the crucial points to keep in mind is that your resume or CV be adapted to local standard in the UK. This will increase your chances of being selected as a potential candidate. In it, your experience must be clearly detailed. You should also seek the equivalence of your diplomas or degrees if you have studied abroad. Also, consider getting a free CV review at TopCV.

Paying attention to your cover letter is also essential. It must be adapted to local standards, and be clear and concise. Your ambition and motivation must also be clear and in line with the job you are seeking. Never shy away from sending spontaneous job applications to companies you wish to work for, even though they haven't advertised any positions. You can also put a call through to them to improve your chances of securing a job Interview. Learn more in our article about job Interviews in the UK.

Where to look for jobs in the UK


Start by having a look at classified ads in the local newspapers. Many job vacancies in the UK are advertised in the media. Here are some options to explore:
The Guardian
The Independent
Daily mail

The Internet

You can also have a look at global and local job websites. Some are specialized in posting job vacancies regularly, why some only update in particular situations. You can also submit to register your resume on these websites to make it easier for employers to contact you. Here are some top options to consider:

Job Centre Plus
Adecco UK
Manpower UK
Job Serve UK

Job fairs

Numerous career fairs are organised frequently in the United Kingdom, especially in large cities, so consider visiting as many as you can. Career fair makes it easier to meet recruiters from various economic sector directly. At the job fair, all you need to bring is your CV and be prepared to talk with the industry or company you are interested in working at.

It's not so surprising to get hired at that point. Many employees have enjoyed this method as they can quickly know what to expect. Job fairs also make it easier for candidates to offer their services to employers with an impressive CV and experience.

Recruitment agencies

Your chances of finding a job in the UK are also high when you visit the local job centres. They will provide you with an updated job listing from several top industries. They also provide the support needed from selecting a job offer to getting hired as they fully understand administrative procedures relating to finding work as an expat.

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