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hello I am a mechanical designer within CAPGEMINI ENGEERING, holder of a  specialized technician diploma in mechanical engineering and after three  years of experience in the automotive & railway industry, I am looking for a  new opportunity to develop my career. I consider myself qualified and able to support the work team and acquire new skills. any help???

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

You need to find a job, the forum is not a job finding organisation, but we do provide a place for you to place your CV (jobs section at the top of this page) in case anyone is looking for a person with your skill set. 

My advice would be to join LinkedIn and reach out to your peers already working in the country you are interested in, to find out who is hiring and where, you can then send them your CV directly.

I wish you the best of luck.


Expat Team

hi everyone,

i am victor from singapore 38 years old. I have been working as an immigration specialist (immigration officer) for the past 8 years, and due to some personal aspirations and dreams, I've decided to switch careers and look forward to job opportunities overseas, preferably in the UK(london,Scotland) ,Europe or Australia. I attained a diploma in mechanical engineering and a degree in web communications at Murdoch University, which was taught fully in English.  I understand that in order to get a job in the UK, I should have attained and passed the IELTS exam for English and have a job offer letter with sponsorship by a company. i have few questions to clear my doubts as i find the information on the official website a little baffling.

1.My degree was taught in the English language, and Singapore is an English-speaking country. will I be exempted from taking the IELTS exam? or do I need to produce any additional documentation which will prove my English proficiency? I also have my N-levels, which were under Cambridge, which states that I have taken and passed the English language.

2 . My main work experience is related to security(immigration border control), Admin support and basic It support. apart from that, i do also have skills in photo,videography ,content creation, photo and video editing, office suite. My degree is based on digital marketing,content strategy and communications. with these skills and work experience, will I stand a chance of finding any job in the UK?

3. what other sectors can i look into with my degree in the UK?

4. Are there any other countries to recommend apart from the UK as my  language proficiency is only English and Tamil?

life has put me through so much as I picked myself up and up all those broken pieces, and I am really looking forward to restarting my life in another country fresh with a positive

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