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England is a place of grandeur: both past and present. This green island may have a cool brisk air about it, but its eccentric character and appealing landscapes make most visitors instantly fall in love while others are discouraged by England’s infamous fogs and rainy weather.

Why England

While some people become digital nomads to escape England’s grey weather, others are happy to live and work from Shakespeare’s birthplace. England is a very stimulating setting for creative professionals — with its rich history, literary culture, and an abundance of museums, galleries and exhibits taking place in major cities. The English countryside has been written and sung about, and the country’s untouched natural beauty is one of its many attractions.

If you work from a big city, you will get all the needed amenities at your disposal, including a large international community. Smaller towns come with their advantages as you will get a quieter and a more relaxed setting, and get to explore the rural England.

Best cities to work from

London is England’s capital, a busy metropolis and the largest city in Western Europe. It’s brimming with energy and action, and if the hectic buzz keeps you motivated, then working in the city will be highly productive. It goes without saying that here you will have all the necessary amenities for working remotely.

An up-and-coming nomad city in the country is the diverse and bubbly Newcastle upon Tyne. The city is known for its active nightlife, and it is the centre for culture, business, and arts. Newcastle offers a younger and hipper vibe with a drop of well-preserved Geordie culture.

If the cold winds do not deter you from looking for a seaside spot in England, consider Brighton. The charming seaside resort is just outside London but offers a drastically different English experience with its laid-back hedonistic vibe and some of the country’s best clubbing.

The internet and coworking spaces

The average broadband download speed across the UK is 15Mbps, and big cities offer a lot of free Wi-Fi hotspots. Naturally, pubs, cafés, and coffee shops are also a reliable source of free Wi-Fi. Staying in a big city will give you a faster internet connection while venturing into the countryside will slow things down a bit.

Most cities in England offer several coworking facilities to work from as well as nomad community meetups and conferences to attend.

Coworking spaces in London

Huckletree Shoreditch, 18 Finsbury Square

THE CUBE, Studio 5, 155 Commercial St

Rentadesk, 35 Little Russell St, Bloomsbury

Coworking spaces in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Campus North, Sunco House, 5 Carliol Square

Toffee Factory, Lower Steenbergs Yard, Quayside, Ouseburn, Walker Rd.

Coworking spaces in Brighton

The Skiff, Ironworks, 30 Cheapside

Wired Sussex, New England House, The FuseBox, New England St.

Leisure in England

England is a country with a vibrant history, and this can be felt in any city and town, big or small. Some of the most popular tourist attractions are the iconic Big Ben, the eerie Tower of London, the mysterious Stonehenge, and the glorious Hyde Park. Exploring the British countryside and travelling to the neighbouring Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are perfect options for those preferring to hop off the beaten track.

What to know before arriving

The UK operates a separate visa policy from that of the Schengen Zone. Residents of a number of countries can travel to the UK visa-free. However, if you do not come from one of these countries, you will need to apply for a standard visit visa in advance at a British embassy or consulate.

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