Become a digital nomad in England

Become a digital nomad in England
Updated 2021-10-05 14:30

It's no secret that England has always been a place of grandeur, both in the past and present. This green island can boast an unparalleled brisk air and has an appealing and eccentric character that makes it endearing for visitors. While some get discouraged by the infamous rainy weather and fogs in England, the whole place is definitely worth a visit.

Why choose England?

While many have converted to digital nomadism to escape England's grey weather, others are comfortable working from Shakespeare's birthplace. England is, therefore, a great place for creativity thanks to its rich history depicted by numerous museums, its literary culture, as well as galleries and exhibits that can be enjoyed in the major cities. The natural beauty of the countryside and the various attractions have inspired many authors and compositors.

By choosing to work remotely from England, you will be able to enjoy world-class amenities, especially in the cosmopolitan cities. Smaller towns, for their part, offer a more quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

The cities to work from

London, the capital city, is the largest and most dynamic city in western Europe. You will become more and more productive as long as you can survive the hectic lifestyle.

Still regarded as an up-and-coming city in England, Newcastle is another ideal place to live in as a digital nomad. The vibrant nightlife, the business culture, the cultural heritage and the uniqueness of the art scene make it a perfect destination. Newcastle also offers a younger and hipper vibe which is complemented by the drop of the well-preserved Geordie culture.

Another city to consider is Brighton, especially if you are not bothered by cold winds. Brighton is even more beautiful thanks to the beach resort, which is located just outside London. The experience here will be significantly different, thanks to its hedonistic vibe. It is also the best clubbing experience you will ever get in the UK.

The Internet and coworking spaces

Internet speed is definitely something that will motivate you. Across the UK, you will enjoy a broadband download speed of 15Mbps. In the bigger cities, you will get to enjoy free Wi-Fi hotspot. You can choose from a range of free Wi-Fi hotspots at cafes, coffee shop, and pubs. If you are relocating to a big city, expect rapid internet connection, unlike the countryside where it is much slower.

Most big cities offer several coworking spaces where you can work from. You also get to take part in nomad community meetups and conferences from time to time.

Coworking spaces in London

Huckletree Shoreditch, 18 Finsbury Square
The CUBE, Studio 5, 155 Commercial St
Rentadesk, 35 Little Russell St, Bloomsbury

Coworking Spaces in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Campus North, Sunco House, 5 Carilol Square
Toffee Factory, Lower Steenberg Yards, Quayside, Ouseburn, Walker Rd.

Coworking spaces in Brighton

The Skiff, Ironworks, 30 Cheapside
Wired Sussex, New England House, The FuseBox, New England St

Leisure in England

As much as Englishmen believe in hard work, they also appreciate the fun. With the country's vibrant history, which is obvious in all its cities, town and villages, there are several attractions to explore for tourists. The iconic Big Ben, the eerie Tower of London, Hyde Park, the mysterious Stonehenge, are some of the must-sees.

The British countryside, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, are the perfect spots to explore, hopping off the beaten tracks.

Things to know before arriving

The visa policy operated by the UK differs from that of the Schengen zone. Citizens of some countries, especially EU countries, can travel freely to the UK without a visa. You will need to comply with the visa policy if you come from a third country. The application must be made at the British embassy or high commission in your home country. Find out more in our article about visas for the UK.

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