Tier 2 Visa sponsorship

I'm an international student residing in UK with a student visa and now wants to switch to work visa since i can't work full time and meet up with bills with student visa.

l am seeking for any health care organization to sponsor me as a care worker so i can work for them, i have all the documents which it may need to process my application, and i have also done a health care training as i arrived in the UK

I look forward to hearing from anyone here who could be of help.

I will be grateful if my request is considered.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

I think the only type of visa you can switch to from a student visa is a "Skilled Worker Visa"; whether a care worker meets the requirements I don't know. The details of how to do it are on the UK Gov website, this link will take you straight to it.

I hope this helps.


Expat Team

HI, I have a question regarding tier 2. I have got a new job, and the start date on the cos is after 3 months. I have received my brp as well.

my current employer notice period is 3 months, but as I was on bench they are ready to release in 2 weeks.

Will my new employer be able to prepone my date of joining after the brp has been issued? What do you think.

thanks for your response.