How do I sponsor someone to come from Morocco to the UK to work?

This may be a strange one as most people want information on comming to Morocco, my girlfriend would like to join me in the UK to work for me, I am a sole trader and I do not employ anyone apart from myself, I have tried looking things up but everything seems to go towards larger companies who have management and hr departments, something which I do not have, my business is art based so not even sure if I am allowed to employ someone from abroad to work for me as its not exactly skilled work, if anyone has any advice then please let me know., thanks

@deadcwtchy2 honestly a working visa for moroccans is always complicated and most of the time it gets declined for no obvious reason ,so I suggest another way,good luck to you

@Jiji.kenitra thank you for the reply, yeah I thought the same thing, it seems almost impossible to even get your head around what I need to do as an employer, I will look a lot more into it but thanks for the reply :-)

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Djameel Team

Your company would have to become a Home Office-registered sponsor, a process that is neither easy nor cheap.

The job would also have to meet minimum requirements including a minimum level of pay - usually at least 25600 pounds per annum.

Look up "Skilled worker visa: elligible occupations and codes" - if the type of job you could offer is not mentioned on that list, there is little sense in becoming a registered sponsor.