Would it be easy/difficult to get a random job outside London?

I have read other threads here, and found some great links to job sites, so I know where to look for a job.

Now, here is the problem. I am a swede, so no visa/work permit is really required. But many swedes move to London and start to work there. They say that the best way to get a job in London (and the rest of UK) is to buy a airline ticket, book a week at any hostel and then start looking for job by having 200 cv's and give it to the boss at pubs, stores etc. You usually get a job witin a couple of weeks.

Is it still the best way to get a job in London? As I have heard it's quite expensive to live in London, I have started to look for other towns and cities to live and work in. I am considering Oxford, Chester and York as I have been there as a tourist and liked them all. I don't know much about other areas, cities and towns, but I am quite openminded and willing to move almost everywhere as long as I can get a job. Should I follow the same advice here, and just book hostel, get a ticket and look for job as soon as I have arrived?

Is there any city or town outside London where it may be quite easy to get a job? If I book a week or two at a hostel, and start giving away cv's and wanna get a job within a couple of weeks. Am I too optimistic perhaps?

How much money should I bring? I have seen old posts on different forums that you should bring at least £1500. This would be good enough for a month stay, assuming you get a job pretty fast, and first rent + deposit.

I have only a high school education and not much work experience. Would it be really difficult for me to get a job? I am willing to take almost any kind of job. It doesn't matter if it's work at a farm, a store, a pub, a guest house or any other place.

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Wish you Good Luck in your research.;)


hej du. jag bor ikke i London men vet jeg lite om jobber i England.

You can definitely do this. I'm non-EU guy, but was there for holiday and bumped onto some EU person. She did this and got a job within a month :)

Hei hei og ha det bra fra Malaysia!

Thank you.

I am currently saving up money, and will probably go next summer/autumm. Then I would have enough money to stay for a while, while I am looking for a job.

I only need to decide where to go, and I am currently looking at Oxford, Brighton, York and Chester.

There are still some things which scares me a bit. The first thing is that it doesn't matter how much money (or little), I won't get a job. Second thing: well you apparently need somewhere to live (an own apartment, or be room mate somewhere) just because you apparently need an official UK-address before you even look for a job. As the address to a hostel wouldn't be enough. What if I become a room mate/get my own apartment, but then I have somewhere to live, but no job? Won't be able to pay the rent very long without a job.

really? I thought having an address of a hostel would do.
Though I stayed with a friend whilst I was there as hostels are too expensive for me - but they're cheaper than Sverige (cos I was twice there too last year so I know the price difference) :)

Hello Strawberriee.

It can be very difficult to find decent work in the UK. Experience is often more important than education for finding work. I'm English and found it hard to find a job (but I grew up in a rural area). A useful tip is not to let getting no replies get you down. Save as much as possible to bring with you. Despite this you my be lucky and find a job with ease. Employers often exploit foreign workers so be sure pay meets minimum wage.

London is expensive so considering elsewhere is wise. Oxford is beautifully English and could also prove appealing as there may be a market for tutoring students in Swedish. Just be sure to stick to cities.

Good luck with your move. I hope you enjoy England.

Hi, why don't you try to search and apply online while you are still saving money this way you might be able to save money and time coming over to UK and spend your time looking. Who knows someone might be interested and you will get a reply and other things will follow. If this work then well and good and if not then go back to your original plan.

Sgt Turner:

I already know that London is expensive. I also know "everyone" says it is easier to get a job in London than anywhere else in United Kingdom. I have visited London several times, as a tourist, but I don't think I can imagine myself ever living there. I have never really been a bigh city girl.

I have also visited 12 different british cities and towns. London is included, just like a couple of cities and towns in Wales and Scotland. I liked Cardiff and Edinburgh, and I am willing to move to any of these cities. But I think I would prefer England.
Oxford is my favourite city. I don't know anything about tutorial students, but my grades are not good enough for university studies there (or Cambridge, Edinburgh, St Andrews and several other universities). I also guess students often have some kind of part time job in Oxford, so I don't know how easy it would be for me to get a job there.

I liked Chester and York too. I have been to Reading, Bath and Windsor as well. I don't want to live in Windsor, and I am still unsure about the other two. I have considered places I have never been to, like Norwich, Canterbury, Liverpool, Brighton and Portsmouth.

I guess it's kinda hopeless anyway. I just have a high school education, and quite little work experience.

When it comes to apply for jobs in advance, I have already tried that. I had friends in York, and wanted to live there or anywhere nearby. They told me that many who already lives in Britain are already unemployed, so I went to different job sites and applied for jobs there, and uploaded a cv.  Later started to look for jobs in other parts of England.

It didn't go well. Now, the friends are my ex-friends so I changed plans last summer and did travel for the money which I had saved back then. So saving money again. But this time, I thought it would be easier if I am looking and applying for jobs as soon as I have arrived.