Find a job in England


here is a list of websites I used to find a job in England:

Do not hesitate to complete the list :)

I also use, and  There is also www.MyIdealist.Org, which lists jobs with ... um... thingy.... places that do charity work and the like, although most of them have been in London.


Here are a few more web sites about job opportunities in Italy and Europe  Take a look at my blog posting titled, " Info on Job Opportunities in Italy and Europe, Wednesday, 16 November.

I hope this helps.

Ciao, Ben

I've heard about this website specialized in people who speak several languages: EuroLondon

I am working in a trading Co in China and i have one year experience of exporting auto parts ,i want to know if  i can have the chance to apply a job in Engand. thank you!

You can also check

One of the best sites to find jobs in London are or

Greetings, Margot

You can also try: and

Dear all

Thanks a lot for the information. I just came across this thread and found all the websites you recommended. It is great. However, I still have one more question, just wondering if any of you perhaps know / can share the information.

Soon I will graduate and have master degree in environmental engineering from Denmark, is it possible for me to get an engineering job in England? Because that is like my dream :P


Hello Julian,
Happen to see your posts and thought that you the right person to respond to my queries.

I am indian Chartered Accountant and planning to relocate to UK under HSMP.
1) Which City I should settle in ?
2) Which City is best for Accountacy/Auditing/IT Security Jobs?
3) What will the minimum salary for an Indian Chartered accountant and the average monthly expanses(Accommdation, Food, Travel for two persons) ?

Thanks in advance

1 - 2 London Maybe?
3 Unfortunately I don't know you should have a look to the quoted websites

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I am currently looking for some new research and writing work in employee benefits and found your post in a google search.  I have an interest in traveling to England as we have two family friends there and I lived there as a small child for one year. Also, teaching in Thailand I have met many British people.

I am checking your links this week to try to find some job leads.  I am looking for something that can be online/remote work at least half time.   

Can you recommend any newer specialist websites in my line of work? 

Thanks very much

Dave Walker
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I am chinese and speaking and reading english is not very well. But I can type fast and writing a english is O.K. I am working in chinese firm accountant post over 15 years. Can I find a job in London??????

The trick to finding a job in the U.K. is to get the work permit first.  Unless you're a really stellar candidate, not many companies will be enthused about even talking to you until you have that work permit in-hand.  That means you really have two options:

(1) Find a company in your own country that has offices in the U.K., and approach them openly about enquiring about possibilities for an international transfer; they may (quite reasonably) ask you to work in the local office for a year or so to prove yourself, but many companies need remote international liaisons, and you should be able to find a large multinational corporation able to sponsor your work permit in this manner.

(2) Get your own work permit as an individual, under the new "Tier-1" (formerly HSMP) programme.  This will take some money up-front (you'll probably want to hire one of the many firms which specialize in helping to prepare and walk-through your application, like FastUKPermit).  However, once you have the permit in-hand, you will be VASTLY more palatable to U.K. employers.  After I had my HSMP application submitted, I started getting a lot more responses from

For Secretarial jobs in the UK the best website is

Although since August I've been trying and getting nothing!!!

Hello all!!!

I'm looking for a job in U.K. and it's pretty hard to find it from Romania. I have experience in marketing but any other job it's welcome. So, if any of you could help me, it would be really nice.

about it you can find information from the following website
http://moving-to-england-from-us.blogsp … gland.html

Hello guys! me and my girlfriend want to come in england to find a job in hotel. what do u think about it? if there any possibilities to find a job like this? thanks, cheers

Hi Skew,

there are many jobs in hotels, it shouldn't be very complicated for you to get a job...

My actual contract will end in february the 15th.
I'm considering the opportunity for me to find a job in London, I'm just wondering if, according to your own experiences, it's better to have a job before leaving France or if it's quite easy to find a job once you're "in the place".
Thnak you for your advices.


HI I am Indonesia citizen and have romanian permanent resident card and my wife is romanian citizen. we both want to live and work in england, is any of you want to help us how to get there? do I need visa go to  england? Thanks guys

Hello To All
   I'm Egyption i live in poland n i have polish resident  i'm looking for any chance to get job in uk but nothing working from internet if anyone can help if there's another way to get job n go there with my wife or what i must do ?
Kind regards

Hi everybody, I'm an italian girl and I live in Italy, I'm 30 and I've been working as secretary for 6 years in a big company. I've just have my Degree in language (evening University) and I'm considering to get a job in London.
Do you think I could have any chance???
What could I do??
thak you!


Had some luck on it's a bit sloppy, by hey it got me my first job here!

Well, it is my experience that finding a job easily or not in England depends on what you expect of the job (salary etc.) And depending on your qualification, as a non-native speaker, make it shine! The UK also has a crisis on the job market at the moment. I would agree that monster is one of the more professional websites to look at.

Thanking you for the supporting feedback


There are a lot of rumainians in Kent and they all find some kind of job ..

Are their alot of factories in England? Are there any in small towns or villages in England?

Hello KATSBACK -> Could you please be more explicit? Are you looking for work? :)

Thank you,


My husband has a dependent Tier 2 visa which is a legal work permit. He is looking for a job in marketing and business administration. He has 4 years of work experience in India. He does not require sponsorship from the employer. How difficult is it for him to find a job?


I am looking into trying to relocate to England for something different. I would be looking for a job in EDI/Operations/IT. I have four years direct experience in the field here at two of the largest companies in the US/World for EDI and an MBA from a top 20 school in IT Management and Finance. I am 25 years old (would be 26 at the time I'd move), would be living alone (most likely somewhere outside of London)and currently make $70k here in the states. I would like to exceed this as my school loans have just kicked in again here and it will be a challenge to pay them back.

My questions are:

How hard would it be for me to find a job in a related field?

How is an MBA viewed in England?

With the currency exchange and cost of living considered, what should I be looking for in terms of equaling what $80k would be in the USA?

Thank you,

easy to get job in UK?

Tourism jobs with english, spanish, italian and a bit of german? I am really lost which kind of jobs do they have, specially in Leeds. Any idea?

Thanks so much!


I would love to find a job in England I have been out of my country England for 20 years , and I am dying a slow death without help here in Tenerife were there are no jobs and they dont like to give jobs to people that are 50 years old well actually since the age of 45 i have no work here , and now no help there is nothing more that I would love to move to my own country  to WORK AND LIVE  again , as here no help  cant find a job to live sad thing is you need to work till 65 years of age  so how?????? when here they have a thing against age even to sweep the streets there is a waiting list I want to work and would love to return to Uk  please anyone out there have any ideas? before i die of hunger in the streets as you dont recive much help here............. plus England  also does ot give help as i have been out of the country for 20 years I love living here but want a job want to work want to eat to live pay bills without a job or help imposssible to do that

hi sir i am go to england an worke

you are find any contry