Canadian looking to work in the UK Oil and Gas Industry.

I am 40 years old and have +20 years experience working in the Oil and Gas industry in Canada from low level labor to gas plant operating. The last 12 years I held a Field Operator position but unfortunately I have no education at the college or university level.  I have looked at several different job posting websites but they are not helpful as they are mostly filled with positions requiring high level educations.  The Gov.UK website doesn't show much of what I'm looking for either.  Essentially I'm looking for advice on which towns/cities in the UK are more likely to be in areas where there is work in the Oil and Gas industry with postings offering lower/entry level positions.

Thanks for any help provided.

Simple answer: ABERDEEN. 99% of UK oil industry

Being a Canadian means you worked in the Beaufort sea or was based in Calgary? My company tried to get me to be based there but I refused as I had a cushy position in Singapore at the time.

Yes, Aberdeen in Scotland is the capital of the UK oil and gas industry and this is where many of the companies are based. Only the higher level jobs require a degree and most of the low end jobs such as roustabout, roughneck, and with any of the other jobs such as mud engineering, mud logging etc will require assistants that are not normally qualified. I spent some time based out of Aberdeen. It's an expensive city thanks to oil and gas, but if you plan to travel to the UK then this is a good place to start looking.

You may be required to do your life saving and survival course at RGIT which is required for many jobs in the North Sea but the company will pay for it once you find a job.

I am not sure which websites you have tried but there are so many of them out there. … g-jobs-uk/ … p;start=10

My recommendation would be to be prepared to do anything in order to get out there. I mean you need to be very flexible these days and willing to learn.