Best American Expat Jobs in England

Hi! I'm new member! I'm still in high school, but I'm planing on fulfilling my dream of living in Europe (mainly England). I was wondering what is the best job for American expats in England (all of England, not just London)? I'm planning on basing my career path on something that can get me living in England.

Hello There,

Look under the shortage occupation list in the UK. And do a research on the occupations.

Right now for Social Workers, there is a huge shortage.  Our company assists qualified social workers from North america that want go over and relocate and work in Social Work

That would be my advise

Change your plans, cuts are coming according to the Prime Minister. I would suggest you choose your career path on something you find interesting and can combine with overseas travel and living. Most skilled jobs can be obtained if you are good enough and someone will be willing to sponsor you. Jobs in shortage now might not be in the future, but certain endemic sectors are the typical, nursing, teachers, etc.

It depends on what you have studied.
Again, I don't think there are expressly any job reserves for American expats per se. You have to fight for employment just like any other. Don't forget that you will also need a work permit.
In conclusion, you need a lot of research and work to do.
You may even have to look for work before coming (due to immigration law) because unless you have a limitless fund, you are likely to run out of money in a few days.
I hope that helps.

It seems the UK is always recruiting teachers. There are all sorts of companies that work with schools in the UK that recruit Canadian/American trained teachers.

Read what Knut wrote above your last comment.
The new government is planning a major job cut in the public service. When that starts to bite, I doubt if there would be any vacancy left.
However, not to appear as discouraging you, do query on employment agencies in the UK and narrow it down to your area of preference. That is the best way to get a feel of what type of employment is available.
I could have provided you with some links but the moderator here seems not to want links to web sites.
I hope this helps.

We allow links, but not in your very first message. As we know you know, no prob ;)