Moving to London in ONE WEEK!

My name is Anna. Next week I am moving from Canada to London to teach art. I am super excited, especially since I'll be in London for new year's eve!
Any suggestions for cool stuff to do? I'm staying near the Tate Modern and the Globe, so those are on my list.
Where is a good place to view the massive fireworks? :D

Hey Anna, it'll be a crush over at Westminster during New Year's Eve. The best view would have to be on the Westminster side as the main fireworks would be likely to be on the London Eye.

I'm not sure whether you would be able to catch a great deal of it from Tate Modern. I suggest that you cross over to St. Paul's and take a hike towards Westminster instead.

While you're over here, you might want to take a whirlwind tour of London. Did a short itinerary, check out One Day in London.

Merry Christmas!

Hi Anna,

how are you finding in London?
Have you managed to settle yet?


Hello Anna, are you having fun in LOndon?

Hey Anna!Welcome!I will go to Birmingham in august.If you want,we could meet some day!!!

Do you like london?

Hugh from Spain.

Dear Anna :)
I'm canadian, I live in France but i'd like to try England a little. I don't know where to start and if you could help me it'd be relly appreciate!


Hi! i am moving to london too in a couple of weeks. im irish and ive never been there before. are u on facebook? dympna