London night life

London night life is lovely and I am enjoying it.
What do you people think?

Hello lewis2014

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Kenjee Team

You are soo right man, such a cool nightlife style.


So as to best list where to have Great Parties, and make the info accessible to all the new generation of Expats coming each month, we are presently soliciting help of those you already know where we can have Hot Plans.

You are are in London, could you please interact on the following thread so as to bring us some infos of where One could go if he/she wanna have Night Life Fun? : … 12#2188662

Thank you for your contribution!


Hello Kenjee,

I must confess that i'm the organiser of those events but since it is free and a cool tips i think it fits here:

It is a Free Pub Crawl every wednesday you will find all the infos about it here :

I also found this website that provide cheap tickets entries for club it is called it might interest some people.



Hello Jeremie

Thank you for your contribution ;)

Please do not hesitate to refer them in the sticked topic I created here : … 12#2188662

Kenjee Team

Jus go soho best option