Going out in London

Hi there,

Which are your 10 favorite places to go out in London?

Which places would you recommend to newcomers? (restaurants, pubs, discos, theaters, cinemas, concert halls...)


For museums I would definitely suggest the Museum of London...it gives you an idea of the background of London so you can learn about the place you're living in.
I also enjoyed the Tower of London, but quite expensive.
For shows just check what's on and go to what catches your fancy (and is within your price range ;))

1. Tower of London
2. London Museum (curiously, this museum is not given too much publicity)
3. British Museum
4. St. Paul's Cathedral
5. Tucking into roast ducks at Gerrard Street (Leicester Square)
6. National Gallery
7. Westminster Abbey
8. Hamstead Heath
9. Regent's Park
10. Camden Town

The list just goes on and on... but let's just start with this first, shall we? :)


Having a bottle of wine at Gordon's Wine Bar in the old wine vault below - afterwards take a stroll along Victoria Embankment (rather than Southbank, just because it's the path less traveled) and then to the beautiful when lit-up at night Tower Bridge. 

Tea or champagne on top floor at The National Portrait Gallery with lovely city view (after viewing collection of course.)

KoKo for shows in Camden

The Almeida Theatre for small, off beat productions, just off Upper St. in Islington (Upper Street obviously alot of fun to eat and drink on).

Take the boat from Tate Modern to the Tate Britain and have lunch in good restaurant at the Tate Britain.

Everyone should go to the Tower of London at least once, but so many locals haven't been there.

The Holly Bush in Hampstead is located on the hill in a great, discreet location and has such good food!  Very like a country pub in the city.  Also love The Charles Lamb on Elia Street behind Angel Tube, for the same reasons.

The Broadway Market on Saturdays in Hackney.  Kind of earthy and a bit trendy but with great products for sale, plus lovely cafes, restaurants and pubs there on the main drag (The Dove has Belgian beer of all kinds, and The Cat and Mutton for a proper fry-up).  Can also take your coffee and nibbles to London Fields.
I love Borough Market too but sometimes its just too crowded and stressful.

Great movie theatre to go to on Portobello Rd, where you can sit two by two on a couch, having drinks and snacks.

Thanks Erica! Will check out Charles Lamb and Broadway Market this weekend... provided the weather is fine.


My favorite places in London are: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London Eye, london dungeons, Beafeater- the medieval banquet,The Museum of Childhood Bethnal Green, London markets, Madame Tussauds and the palaces. As for restaurants, I like sitting in: Creation Bar and Restaurant, Mermaids Tail and Acorn House.

South Bank - there's always something interesting happening.
Tate Modern - as above.
Brick Lane/Spitafield area - people make this place incredibly appealing.
Richmond Park - for an active day, to give your eyes some rest.


Jamies Italian - Canary Warf
OXO Tower - South Bank (expensive!)
Halepi - London W2
Ninos - South Woodford (central line)
Bagel Bakery - Brick Lane
Medieval Banquet - St.Kathrines Dock (a bit different!!)
Zen - Hampstead


93ft East - Brick Lane
The Vibe Bar - Brick Lane
Gilgamesh - Camden (restaurant/bar/club)
Funky Mojos - South Woodford - 18+ on a Friday and over 30's on Saturdays but check first


Old Queens Head - Islington (more of a pub/bar but good atmosphere)
Cuckfield -  Wanstead - Chilled out drink on a weekend
Lizard Lounge - South Woodford

There's more but I have to get back to work!!

By the way, Hackney Theatre is great and the iMax is fantastic for movies, especially 3D - AVITAR!

OMG there are some brilliant suggestions here!

I wish I came across this topic before the Easter weekend!!

Damn!!! =( LoL!

Try to visit Shoreditch. There are quite a few bars and clubs there; plus it isn't too far from Central London.

I agree with dboy, get out of central London and into the boroughs. Head to Shoreditch, Camden and Brixton if you want to find something new. [Moderated: No free ad on the forum]