Advice on how to learn to play cricket and get involved in a club?


I will be moving to London in early September and looking to meet people. I don't have a lot of knowledge of cricket, but  from what I've seen, it looks really fun. Does anyone have any advice on how to learn and/or how to join a beginner cricket league? My wife and I plan on living somewhere in Zone 2, likely in north London, but not certain yet.


Nothing??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Welcome to London. Plenty of Cricket teams:

Thanks for the reply. I've never played cricket. Would a beginner be welcome to very many teams? Should I take a course of some sort first?

Yes, they will welcome a beginner to come along and join in training sessions (obviously depending on the level/seriousness of the club). Some are only looking for experienced players to play in formal leagues, whilst others are simply a group of people who enjoy playing it casually on a weekly or so basis, which is the type I joined in the past, when I had an interest. I wouldn't take a course. I would join in training sessions, see how it goes and whether you enjoy it, and depending on your level of skill, you can make it into the team and take part in their matches.

koch711 wrote:

Nothing??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

It's not a very popular and widely played game in England, that's why there isn't many responses here.