Drinking and clubbing in London

Hi there,
my name is Emérence, I'm french au pair in Earls Court (in the London' center) and I'm searching new friends to add of mine whith whose is difficult to see us sometimes.
I love meltingpot and discover new cultures and new people
So if you want to meet me that will be with pleasure!!
Xo Xo

Welcome on board Emérence :)

Hi Julien,
thank you for your text when do you for my part I'll meet friand this afternoon for a cofee if you want?
Where do you come frome? What do you do in England?
See you later maybe Xo

scuse me I didn't see your profil ok
L ile Maurice good destination you're a traveller
Sorry i believed you're in England
Nice to meet you and have a good day Xo

I used to be in London, and I really enjoyed it :)

hi. im moving to london next week if u wanna hang out? are u on facebook? dympna from Ireland