Want to know about the coolest things to do in London?

Imagine your best friend lived in London – they'd know the coolest things to see & do! Well I can be that virtual friend…

I'm launching a blog that's designed to help:
Those of you who want to discover the real London but don't want to waste time or money

To make you feel great about living in London and to have fun!

And to help you make an informed choice about interesting events and places in London, off the tourtist trail

Sound good?

My name's Nicky and I live and work in London as an event manager and producer. I love discovering fun things to do in my home city - and I want to share my discoveries with you....

It would be great to hear from you if you like my idea..Let me know about ideas, places and events you'd like to know more about.

My blog can be seen here:


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to Expat.com Nicky!

Hi Christine - Thanks and pleased to meet you!I hope my blog will be of interest and use to your members. Looking forward to connecting with them...

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