Bookkeeper from Zimbabwe

I have about 20 years experience of which most of the years were spent in south Africa. What are  the chances of getting a job and  a pass?
what are the salary ranges?

thank you in advance

Hello tarietracy

Getting a job in Singapore is way difficult. I invite you to check out articles related to visa and finding work in Singapore from our guide :

> Living in Singapore guide


Hey Kenjee,

Thank you for the response will check it out now

If you have a recognised university degree in accountancy, at least three years applicable work experience and some valuable niche skills that are rare and in demand in Singapore, you have a good chance. Just contact suitable employers in your field and apply.
Without university degree, or if you only have standard skills that the average Singapore accountant also has, you are better advised looking elsewhere.
Since you mention Zimbabwe, I must also mention that many Singaporeans have a built-in aversion against people with dark skin.

The average pay for an accountant is around S$4000/month. Please note that, in expensive Singapore, this is not enough to rent an apartment and feed a family.

Thank you for your response

Is it possible to come for  a visit and look for a job?
I have professional qualification ( Chartered Secretaries CIS ) and an accounting diploma?
with that salary obviously I can not bring family. I actually out source my services. What kind of pass do I need to have?

You should look into local job portals such as

Upload your CV in those sites, check suitable job openings and apply.

If luck in your side then you will be receiving calls from the recruiters or consultants.

I disagree with the fact that here people dislike dark color people, rather I would say this is the only city in the world where dark person can live without any racists rant against him or her as the law enforcement is so strong (not like in Europe or US or any xyz countries where you can get away of it) that you will be landed into deep shit trouble. This city is  highly developed and safest city in the world by distance both from natural calamities and man made disturbances (you can get the details just google it).

All the best, one suggestion don't pay any fees or any other way of money for jobs or interview as its illegal here but few cheaters or fake agencies doing it illegally.

Present job market is not good but give a try.

You can of course come for a job search trip (which is allowed with a tourist visa, called "Social Visit Pass" or SVP), if you can afford it (budget S$150/day for accommodation, food and transport). Experience has shown that interview invitations are MUCH more likely for candidates who are already in Singapore (and no Singapore employer pays for travel to an interview anyway).
It is unrealistic to expect finding something and getting the formalities done in a few weeks: Hiring decisions take very long (a month or more after the first interview) and the work pass application procedure also takes 1 - 2 months (during which you can of course return home).
To make the most of your limited time here, contact as many potential employers beforehand and tell them "I will be in Singapore from XXX to YYY and that would be a good opportunity to meet and discuss the possibilities."

I am happy to hear that your experience (as a brown-skinned Indian) are different from my impression. I did hear various questionable comments about dark-skinned people from Singaporeans and (even more so) Chinese in Singapore and I observed that many Chinese-run companies hire no or very few Indians. I also met an African-American, who complained that the locals shun him and he has huge problems finding social contacts. He left Singapore after a while due to this. After your comments, I hope these are exceptions.

Thank you for the information and encouragement.

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