Hi everybody! My questions about Work and Live in Mauritius!

My name is Alexey and I from Russian Federation.

I wish to move to Mauritius and find job there. I read a lot of information, but the full picture not at all is clear. In this case I need to ask you some questions and if you in a condition to answer on any of them, I shall be very grateful!

Ok. I'm starting:)

After I'll find a job and I'll have agreement with the employer who should submit documents in job department (for work permit and residence permit) the employer or me? if me - Where is it?

Should I receive any documents (fax,originals,..) from the employer before departure to Mauritius or it's a question only personal oral arrangements with it?

In what time I have to file documents for working visa and where should I send it?

On how many years usually give a working visa, working permit and occupation permit?

Does any possibility to make sure that I pass under all documents for the government of Mauritius being on seat in Russia?

Who should pay expenses for my employment me or the employer?

In what time I receive the working visa (I arrive under the usual tourist visa or should have the invitation)?

My family (wife and the child) go together with me.
What documents be required for crossing except medical certificate? When I have to made a long-term visa for them and what taxes should be necessary pay for them?

Sorry for lot of questions!!! But it's very difficult to systematize it!
Thank you in advance,

Best regards,
Batarshin Alexey

Hello Batarshin Alexey :)

Welcome to Expat-blog.

For basic info, you should view the Life in Mauritius guide and read the article, "Finding a job".

The Mauritius forum is highly active, surely members will reply back to you soon.

Good luck with all the formalities.


Dear Alex,

Have you already been to Mauritius?

In case not I do strongly suggest for you to come with your family on a short holidays first. This will give you the opportunity to clear all your questions, line up job interviews and (maybe most important) to validate the destination.

Usually most expats get their jobs when abroad and land here with a working visa (Occupational Permit) in their hands which is formalized by their employer on their behalf. The hardest way is to get a job when in Mauritius, it´s not impossible but considering you´re with your family this might put unnecessary pressure on your shoulders.

Good luck to you.

Hi Sheetul and MauMau!

Thank you for your post!
I already been in Mauritius 3 times but only for the vacations. I never worked with Mauritians and I just trying to make some Instruction "Step by step" for live and work in Mau...!

I mean you will never find the thing like this: Example: If you wanna work and live in Mauritius you have to do:
1) Find the employer
2) Employer have to send you a contract
3) You should prepare this documents(1,2,3,4,...) and send it to This ..... department
5) After you receive an answer you have to send this to this
6) In the same time you can transfer the money (....$) to this bank on this account
7) And so on and so on....

I think this Instruction will be Interesting for many people who wanted to move in Mauritius. And nowhere you will be able find it...

Hi Alex,

I got your point but I wouldn´t worry much about the admin part around the working permit, your future employer will take care of this on your behalf and most probably pay for it as well.

You would be asked to produce the typical papers, copy of passport, educational qualifications, medical tests, etc.

I guess that the hardest part would be getting a job, and a job that would pay well enough to support your lifestyle!

What are your main professional skills / which kind of job would you be looking for?

Eventually I think there is a small Russian network of expats here in this forum, check it out and get in contact with them for first hand info.


Thanks Maumau!

I will try to contact with Russian community in this forum...

Eventually you can post a new topic "Looking for Russian expats"

Good luck!

Alexey hi,

Drop me your e-mail and I will give you the summary overview on your questions.


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