Family Visa _Myths & Facts (INDIAN joining in Oman)

If i am planning to take my wife on visit visa does it need family status? right now i havent get family status as i joined recently. as accounts assistant.

Hi vineethpb,

For applying for a Vist Visa, family status is not needed.

However, the documentation and the paperwork would have to be routed by your sponsor / employer only.

For more information and details, please read the many other topics of discussion on the forum please.

Hi Friends,

I am presently working in Kuwait and now having an offer from Muscat.
Could you clear my below doubts. ?

1. My degree certificate is already attested for Kuwait (10 years ago). The orginal certificate has attestation from Secretariat-TN, External Affairs and Kuwait Embassy. Do i need to attest again for Oman.? Please tell me from where to get those

2. Getting attestation in a Copy is enough or it should be in original certificate. 

3. Can i do medical test for me and my family in Kuwait itself. Please provide link OR details about the approved medical facilities in Kuwait.

4. Is Police Clearance Certificate required

marriage certificate
your agreement copy
your sponsor sign letter
your id card copy
your family passport copy
4 photo
sponsor will sign all document after get ready typing application for any office

what docs needed to bring a family to oman in 2018 , salary , rent agreement , specific profession ...any one can share ..thanks

it is already clarified in detail if u can read old posts.

it's an old post ...and is written no any problem with the profession but I asked many offices here and they r asking about it, that's, why I posted this as in 2018...the salary, is 300 but what about the profession, that's not clear to me, thanks


Hi sir,got a job offer in Oman.can I take my kids and husband in family visa?

Hi Vmp,

An expatriate man, who is eligible, is granted the privilege of sponsoring his wife and children. Unfortunately, the same privilege is not extended to an expatriate woman.

However, the children are allowed to be sponsored by the mother if the lady is a widow or is divorced from her husband.

But will be done on a very selective and on a case-to-case basis only.

Thanks for d immediate reply sir,the management people told tat dey give family visa only for kids,not for my husband. If he stays in visit visa,ll he be offered job der? Can it be converted to employee visa?

Hi Vmp,

Your husband can come on a visit visa and can try to get a job.

If successful, he can then exit and come back again on a proper 2-year valid employment visa issued by his employer / sponsor.

But converting a visit visa to an employment visa (after getting the job) will not be possible.

Thank u so much sir.exit means shud he come back to India and then come or anywhere nearby country ll be sufficient?

Vmp :

Thank u so much sir.exit means shud he come back to India and then come or anywhere nearby country ll be sufficient?

Hi Vmp,

Any country would do as long as your husband's passport has an 'Exit' stamp.

Only if there is an 'Exit' stamp can his company apply for his employment visa.

From the time a person exits, to applying for the employment visa, and getting it issued would take no less than a week to 10-days even after fulfilling all the required criteria.

Thanks sumitran sir,I got my placement in ibri,googling it but not tat informative, how's tat place?

Hi Vmp,

Ibri is a nondescript little town that is closer to Dubai than Muscat.

But like any other remote place in Oman, you will find enough and more Indian, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis living in Ibri too.

Given the fact that there is an Indian School there means there is a sizeable population of Indian expatriates staying there.

The primary language of communication would be Arabic and amongst the expatriates Hindi.

With little or nothing to do, life in Ibri can be extremely quiet and totally relaxed.  Or boring, as some social butterflies might consider it.

Since social interactions between the locals and the expatriates are non-existent, one has to find birds of the same feather and flock together - not out of choice, but out of necessity.

Sumitran sir, thanks a lot,u r awesome how come u know everything about oman

Dear sir, my wife has got selected for oman moh as a staff nurse and she is all set to travel by 1 st week of June.She was offered family status while on interview, but now I have came to know that recently a new rule has came into being for family status and as per that female staff nurses are not entitled to sponsor their  kids visa.If it is so, how can we bring our kid to oman.As well I also planning for a  move to oman. Please advise...

Hi sister
My husband spounser reject to give noc
After my husband cancel from Oman
Without noc he can join family visa or visit visa
Had anyone try

I've taken my gamca medical test here in India. Mailing a scanned copy of the report is enough for applying for family visa in oman? Or should the originals be sent directly to Oman? Thanks in advance. :)


One more thing I would like to add on your list is, even if it is called family joining visa, but it is more of wife and children joining visa. Not husband joining wife visa. Unfortunately.


hi sir,

can u please tell for min salary for family joining visa, i m read some articles it is 300 r.o some articles 600 which one is correct please tell me i m plan to take the family joining visa

Tell me, is family visa expires if person stay out of oman for more than six month?

jp2051817 :

Tell me, is family visa expires if person stay out of oman for more than six month?

Hi jp2051817,

Most likely not.

Hello All,

Would like to know, is GAMCA medical required for child who is less than 18years to be precise my daughter is 13 years. Does she require GAMCA medical for a residence visa in Oman

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