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I have failed in medical (gamca) .as the chest xray is showing some scar.i wanted to know as my medical is unfit for Oman  can i try to other gulf countries.i have done thorough  check up.Doctr told its just a scar nothing to worry.however i was in UAE for 3years before trying to technically the ban how long it will be? To which countries? How can get another chance for oman

GAMCA doesn't allow retesting before 6 months.

With a scar in the lungs which is clear on xray, unfortunately, you cannot apply for any GCC countries.  It's more or less a permanent situation as of now.

If you think GAMCA didn't test correctly; with some countries you can get your employer to bring you over on a visit visa, do medical in the country and convert the visa to residence e.g. Bahrain, Oman, UAE.    Try this ONLY if you think the medical was in error.

Do you know if failing the GAMCA test impacts an active residency in another GCC country?

Doesn't impact active residency i.e. if you already have a residence permit stamped.  That is governed by the in-country medical on renewal and not linked to GAMCA.

Hi Bayo4755,

If you have been certified as medically unfit on a GAMCA medical test results, then getting an employment visa across any GCC country is ruled out - for a minimum period of 3-months.

You may take another GAMCA test after the completion of the 3-months and see if you are medically declared 'Fit to Travel'.

Hi Xtang ,

Please let me know if made as unfit in one gcc country medical and not issued visa ... Will it effect active residency of another gcc country... Will each country transfer the information?

I heard from some one they transfer information to gamca and other gcc

Please let me know.

If medical issue ban is there is it to only that country or full gcc?

You are confusing two different things.

One is gamca in which an UNFIT result leads to denial of visa.  You can't retest for 3-6 months after that.

Second is active residency. This is not affected until or unless you have an UNFIT result as part of a renewal process - most gcc countries require tests on renewal. Another case where it can get affected is if you test positive for some disease IN the country of the active residency eg HIV etc.

If gamca medical is unfit i am going to muscut through visit visa then in that country during medical they dont show my gamca medical is unfit

Please give me reply fast

My gamca medical have been rejected just for a sake of a spot in my X-ray dr said it's just a mark and nothing serious so can I visit oman on visit visa and do the medical there to get my employment visa?
do I need to go for gamca medical in oman?or a normal medical will do the needful and what if my X-ray spot have vanished will they consider it?

There is a medical to convert visa in Oman - it is not GAMCA medical but it is just as thorough and is done by the Government.  If they see any issue in chest x-ray, there is a risk of being marked unfit there too.  Whether that will happen or not, no one can tell you

I have my family visit visa but if i want to convert it into employment visa, my question is after the visa transfer do i need to come back to india and again visit oman for the same?

2) do i need to get hotel quarantined if i come oman on a family visit visa?

3) is visa office operating in oman?

Awaiting your reply.
Shahrukh varas.

Dear sir my left eye is i unfit to the gamca medical center told me I'm unfit to the medical.. I'm working as a waiter...

After getting unfit one can apply again or not for working visa??

Depends on the reason.  If HIV, Hep etc....then no.

Hi tang, How are you? I see you have great Knowledge about Oman rules. I am in a problem i need your help please. I have been living in oman since 1 and half years i got a job and i came to know i am hep B positive and they cancelled my visa and send me to india. In my cancellation form they said i can never re enter to Sultanate of oman. What to do? Please help. My husband and entire family lives in oman. Please help

Hi XTang!

Thanks for all your valuable comments. i went through  GCC medical test for saudi on 4th Nov 2022 in india and was declared unfit because on my right lung apical cap thickening was found in chest x-ray. from last 1.3 yrs i have been working in saudi on business visa. i got a full time job and came to india for medical test and found to be unfit just because of chest x-ray. i get my routine complete body health check once in 6 months regularly. in March 2022, when it was done last time, there was no scar in my lungs in chest x-ray. doctor is also  not sure whether scar in my right lung that i have got is because of TB or any other lung infection. my career in jeopardy. please suggest. when can i re-take medical test again. Also. i am exploring option of converting my existing business visa which is still valid to Employment visa in saudi.

@syedaftab123 I m facing the same problem, and the ban me 6 months for medical checkup.

if the person attend for gamca medical for omen after recovers from chicken pox , will this effect test report ?

If a person attended for gamca medical for Oman after recovering from chicken pox , will this effect the report???

Hi i was declared unfit by GAMCA medical center at mumbai. Remarked as MINOR PLEURAL THICKENING WAS NOTED IN THE LEFT COSTOPHERNIC ANGLE. although the lung fields, the heart and the thoracic cage appeared normal.

However I'm sure I have nothing as mentioned in the report although I went to chest specialist after 20 days of test done in GAMCA center he took me under treatment for 10 days prescribed me some medicine and xray was done exactly after 10 days and it was found normal as per doctor he sated no respiratory disease found patient chest normal and he can do job /work anywhere in and outside of India.

As I mentioned you above all the consequences therefore can I go on the visit visa and do medical test there as I'm sure about my health as well as doctor has decalaired me fit to work.

Kindly suggest I will look forward for your suggestions


Faiz syed

You can try but there is no guarantee.


Hi if has sypilis reactive and already got injection for 3 times is it will fit

GAMCA won't pass if any result shows as reactive or positive.