GAMCA unfit

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I'm working in Oman for past 2 months. My wife back in India went to do GAMCA testing (at Trichy, Tamilnadu). After testing, she was told that she is having lung scar in X-ray (Fibrosis) and she is unfit to shift to Oman. Also they have told, that they are not entering in system (if it so then it will be too complicated to get visa) and asked to her to do retest in other GAMCA Lab may be in Chennai after 2 weeks and there may be a chance to get Fit report.
But she is not having, any such medical issues in the past and we are surprised to hear this. We have checked with independent doctor now and took all the test and that doctor readily agreed to issue clearance certificate that it wont be problem to shift to Oman. So can anyone please advice, with that independent doctor report or clearance certificate, can we approach GAMCA lab to get Fit report? Or is there other way to get the GAMCA Fit report?
Since i'm new to abroad, can anyone help me to resolve this?

GCC countries only rely on GAMCA.  It is entirely up to the GAMCA clinic in your country as to whether they rely on the independent report or not.  Also be aware, that on arrival, you will have to repeat the medical and if they see something in the X-ray, they will mark her as UNFIT; GAMCA FIT or not won't matter.

Thanks for the info. But i heard that after arriving in Oman they wont repeat the testing as in GAMCA or only blood test will redo at Oman. Does what i heard is correct information or wrong?

Thanks for the info. But i heard that after arriving in Oman they wont repeat the testing as in GAMCA or only blood test will redo at Oman. Does what i heard is correct information or wrong?

Someone else can comment for Oman.  I do know for a fact that chest x-ray and blood test are done after arrival, for at least, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi.

Many thanks for your sharing your comments.

Hi all,

After my wife checked with independent doctor and after conducting biopsy they found extra tissue growth in lungs and they suggested to do small surgery for the removal of that extra tissue and recovery time is maximum 1 week.
If we do the surgery, can my wife eligible to do GAMCA test again?

That only GAMCA can tell you.

I have small spot in chest, it is mentioned as small nodular opacities in right perihilar region, is it I am fit in gamca test . If not what is the procedure to clear the spot in chest.

GAMCA will tell you if you are FIT or not.  For the spot, a doctor will tell you.  From experience, I can tell you that spots or scars in the lungs, in most cases, do not go away or clear.   But that is why you need to consult a doctor.

I don't know what your question is about and what you expect the users to respond with?

Tnq for the response, I got kuwait visa, before gamca going I tired in local hospital, so after doing chest X-ray they mentioned in report like this,
"small nodular opacities in right perihilar region"
.Rest of the visualized lung fields are normal
.bilateral hila and apices are normal
.cardiac silhouette is normal
.both c. p angles are clear
.visualised bones are normal for age
.no evidence of free gas under right dome of diaphragm.
( I have astama since birth)  is this will effect gamca result.

It could or could not.  No one can tell you.


Can you advise for the one who cleared her hep c.
She wants to go for family joining visa in oman with her daughter.
When her check up is done in other well known medical center her hep c appears 0.086 value and when she goes for GAMCA medical in Pakistan they give her 15.38 value which is a disaster.

It clearly seems GAMCA does not want to give fit her and I don't know for what reason.

Something is very much wrong there.

Can anyone please help me.

What should i do.

As far as Hep C is concerned, it is incurable and will always show on test result.  Don't be confused by ranges - these are always different by lab. But a positive is a positive.

But she is completely cured from disease Sir. She is not positive at all. Her earlier reports are available from other medical center. But when she goes there they might check her previous record and give her unfit.

Please check the below link where it says that hepc is curable, … t-be-cured

Or is it possible if they can call her in Oman and redo the checking.

Please advise.
Also thank you for your prompt reply for my previous question 🙂

That is what I am trying to tell you.  You may not have active Hep C but the antibodies will remain for life in blood.  The test they do in Gamca and inside gcc, looks for the antibodies and not the virus. If positive, then you will always be marked as Unfit.

You can take her there on a visit visa and try your luck.  I don't know the rules for Oman but I can tell you that the Hep C test will be positive - now whether they give her a visa after that or not, will depend on their rules.  In most gcc countries, you won't get a visa on a positive test.

I'm facing the same issue as yours. Would you be kind enough to let me know if you were able to obtain a VISA for your wife. If yes then how?

Hi have a calcification in 5th rib is it lead to unfit for gcc

@XTang Hi can you please advise that latent TB (inactive TB) is FIT or UNFIT in GAMCA for Saudi Arabia.

Done medical in Qatar medical commission on oct 2023 and they provided medically fit certificate from Qatar mentioning comment as latent TB treated.

Put GAMCA aside for now.

Latent TB is usually not an issue as it is not tested for in the medical tests you do when you enter Saudi - for most people.  However, in certain fields e.g. healthcare, it is tested and if positive, you have to undergo treatment before you are allowed to work (or your job offer is withdrawn).   

Latent TB can ONLY be detected or tested (assuming you haven't had active TB) via skin test i.e. they put something under your skin and measure the reaction to it.  If you have been treated for latent TB i.e. completed the six month retroviral course.........your result should be negative.