Bank transaction after Visa cancelation & Final Exit from Oman.

Hi guys,
I am going on Exit from Oman but my final settlement is yet to be received by next month's salary credited to my bank muscat account, as i am going on final Exit and wont be available to withdraw the amount, can I give my Debit card n my pin number to my friend to withdraw my final settlement and send the amount to me , can anybody please confirm about this, if my Visa is cancelled then my Bank Account will still be working?
Replies awaited...

As long it is not expired, your Bank salary account will not be close and you can still use it. Happened to some of the Nurses who resigned and moved to another country, they received their gratuity on their bank account.

I suggest you to monitor your bank account via mobile app and transfer your settlement to your friend account once you received it and they can send the amount to you. That is safe.

yes, your bank debit card is active after your visa cancelation and it will be working until expire.

My resident visa will expire before the end of my notice period to my employer. However, the accounts will be settled and I will exit Oman within the grace period. In this situation, will my bank accounts be functional? My Bank Muscat debit card is valid till 2023. Will I be able to perform online transactions on the internet?