Medical test requirements for family Visa to Oman

I am applying for a work permit to Oman but my wife is a Hep B which is not a carrier. Can I still apply for a work permit and would she be granted a family visa under those conditions .

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Hi Shasan812,

Your employment and your wife's condition are not interrelated.

Whether your wife would be granted a family joining visa, or not, would depend on her GAMCA test results.

However, I must also add that I have seen some posts in this forum which says that lately there is no requirement for the wife's GAMCA test reports to come on the family joining visa.

So it would be better for you to have this checked and clarified with your company PRO.

Hi Sumitran, thank you for the response . Appreciate you taking the time to respond. Is there anyway I could know that my wife would be accepted on family visa even if she is a HepB carrier, because if it is something that they would reject for her then there is no point of me applying and processing further . I do not have anything in hand as an offer but I’m just trying to weigh and see what is accepted and what is not. Any help on this would be much appreciated

Thanks again.


Hi Shasan812,

You could visit any of the many GAMCA clinics where you are and ask the doctor there if a HepB person would be certified as 'Fit to Travel', or 'Unfit to Travel' for Oman. They will tell you.

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