Medical : unfit because in xray report there is a scar

Dear all

I need advice regarding medical gamca test

My wife done medical test in india, but her report came as unfit because in xray report there is a scar

Can i bring my wife here by taking visit visa, and again here in oman is it possible to do gamca medical test again?

Hi Sawad 3061,

For a visit visa, a medical test is not required. So you can of course bring your wife over.

But between GAMCA medical tests a minimum wait period is there. Also since the test results are linked online, it would not be possible for you to attempt doing the test when your wife is in Oman.

Thank you sumitran

Can i know what will be the duration between gamca test?

Hi Sawad 3061,

There was a 3-month gap between the medical tests, a couple of years back.

Better for you to check with the GAMCA centre for the latest on this.

Sir ,

I am also having lung scare because of past TB  i am getting many offers from abroad but i am unble to clear my medical so what is solution for me