Family Joining Visa to bring my mother

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I thank all the people who made this website its really useful for a expatriate to get the information on surroundings and regulations.

Myself working in Oman for 4 years recently married and i brought my wife on my family visa. Now i want to bring my mother in my family joining visa, I have given all the documents like, GAMACA medical fitnees certificate, Rental agreement, Bank Statement, Salary certificate, Myself & My Wife passport copies along with visa page, my mom passport copy everything i have asked in ROP site I have given to my sponsor, since my company have very few employees we dont have a seperate PRO all PRO works done by Sponsor.
Now my sponsor informed that I cant bring my mom in family joining visa, where in case if my father is alive then ROP can issue family joining visa for both Dad & mother but not only for mother. I said my dad is running a business so he cant come & stay here with me but my mom can come. They denied it and they issued visiting visa for 3 months to my mom.

Please let me know is it this information is correct, I dont understand what criteria states that we cant bring my mother alone to the country where am living. 

Please advise me or help to find a solution.

As far as i know if one of your parents is dependent on you only than you can bring one of them on family joining visa, but you have to prove that they are dependent on you.


There is a background to this.

Expatriates, on the whole, are famous for abusing the systems created to help them.

'Granting' - yes, it is 'granted' and no expatriate can 'demand' or 'claim' it as a right - an expatriate employee the 'Family Status' is one such classic example.

Some years back, numerous expatriate employee used to get their parents 'Resident Status' and then after some months the parents would go back home. And will come only once in two years just to renew their 'Resident Card'.

This defeated the very purpose of granting 'family status' and so the Omani authorities put a clamp on this when they were seriously cutting down on the numbers of expatriates who reside in Oman.

Now the rule is if a registered expatriate is outside of the Sultanate for 3 continuous months, then his / her Resident Card gets automatically cancelled.

Likewise, a parent's residence is granted only if the parent is a 'dependent' on the son, without any other support back home.

If either of the parents is alive, then a 'resident' status for a single parent would not be granted. I reckon, rightly so.

No Option Left apart from Visiting Visa...Thank you people for your time...

Can we bring our parents before they are sixty year old or is there any condition of age

syed sarfaraz Ali wrote:

Can we bring our parents before they are sixty year old or is there any condition of age

Hi syed sarfaraz Ali,

Oman is not an old age home, is it ??

One can bring their parent irrespective of their age.

Am sjs Khan am working in Oman can I get my daughter joining visa...

Hi, I am facing the same situation. Is it only possible with 3 months visit visa or did you find any other solution on this?


To my knowledge and staying in GCC you can only  bring her on visit visa for 3 months and renewable twice a year. She has no business to be permanent in here. That's the reason.


If i want to bring my mother-in-law for visit visa or 3 months family visa what is the procedure and visa formalities and from where i can the visa

As my family is here and wife is pregnant and i need to bring my mother -in-law to care of my wife at the time of delivery. 

Please reply urgent

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Hi. Is it possible to convert my mother's tourist visa to joining visa? My husband is the one working here at Oman. We brought our mother here with us since she lives alone in PH and is already 66yo. She's a widow. Thank you.