Exiting Oman and returning on a new visa RULES?

Does exiting Oman and returning on a new visa( new employer) carry the 2 year travel ban ? according to the latest rules? Please help

Hello lakmalchandana90,

Have you tried browsing the multiple threads on the Muscat forum as this question must have been asked before?

You may be able to find the answer.



Expat.com team

Yes I browsed but the threads were too old as I am looking for the latest updates

Dear @lakmalchandana90,

The answer is no if you follow the exit process and properly cancel your visa.

If you exit without canceling your visa, it's your employer's decision to apply for your ban of 02 years and of course, a new employment visa cannot be issued until the old one is canceled.

Thanks again for the response. Please let me know what is the meaning of proper cancellation of the visa and exiting?? Does it require a NOC or any authorization from my present sponsor who is the source of all this trouble?