Hi, can i travel OMAN as tourist even im HIV positive and il bring my medicine with me?
Please Help i need to know if it would have big problem as TOURIST!

I am not sure about Oman but just visiting is usually not an issue in GCC as they don't require medical for visit visas.

As far as medicine goes, some countries have a requirement to have a doctor's prescription / letter to carry medicine in.  But usually, there is no check at airport if the supply is not large.

How are you ..its ok to travel to oman with hiv on visit

Hi Skycraper,

As long as you are on a visit visa, you are fine to travel, as no medical / blood tests are done for issuing a visit visa.

But im planning to bring like 10-12 bottles of my medicine. u think it have a big problem?

Hi Sumitran. But i want to bring like 10-12bottles you i will have big problem or questions  why i bring a lot of bottles if im VISIT VISA.

yes it is true for tourist visa and visit visa medical test not required but,

if Police check  (at exit door of new airport police set new screening point where they could hold any passenger for luggage checking or further investigation ) if they found lots of medicine they could held for further questioning , better to ask in  Oman's embassy located in your country,

Thank you rumidaisy., Il prefer to bring a doctor priscription but not stated that i am positive. il try my very best to ask some more details if i could bring 10-12 bothes of arvs.

Hi Skycraper,

Bringing 10-12 bottles of prescription drugs would certainly be spotted during the X-ray scanning. And further questioning could reveal your health condition, which may well result in your refusal to entry.

It would be far less conspicuous if you carry a proper doctor's prescription and buy the required medication, after your safe entry into the Sultanate.  But be warned that most medicines in Oman are more expensive than most countries.

Is it able to work with PLHIV in oman,muscat as already selected

HIV positive is a total no anywhere in the GCC - For work visas.

What to do if hiv tested positive while taking medical during visa renewal??please help

Leave the country and forget about working in the Middle East.   Do it before you are deported and / or blacklisted - if that happens, you can't come on a visit visa even.

@XTang thank you for your reply


i want to do ananymous hiv test. Need some help please.

can I test in Zach clinic. They don't take it and send blood to local lab. If positive they said they will email and if negative I give Id and take report.

my question is if positive won't the lab report to DHA. Can I stay till my next visa renewal in dubai which is another 2 years?

or is it better to go to oman and get tested by giving foreign id ( foreign driver license) not passport. Will oman report to dubai?

I am freaking out

To save yourself all the hassle and worrying, just go to your home country and do it.