Expat Wife working remotely from Oman

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I will be moving to Muscat, Oman with my wife in October. I am getting employment here in Oman together with sponsored visa. I am planning to bring my wife with me on Family joining visas.

My wife will be working remotely for a German company from Oman, will she need any special visas or she just needs family joining visas? She is not planning to work for an Omani company etc. Only the virtually / remotely for the foreign country company

Thanks a lot!
Hi there,

In this case in my opinion ,you just need your family joining visa for your wife , as her work will be remotely /virtually and no relation to Oman sponsorship or laws.

Hi Asif,

thank you for your response. My thinking is exactly the same as yours. Don't you know any laws documentation of Oman where I could read through and try to find out from there?

Dear Nartin,

I don't know if relevant information is available , but you can search in below link for your query.



Hello, Have you found any answer to your question? I wonder the same.

@nartingood Hi, did you find out if a visa was needed? I'm hoping to do the same with a UK company. Thanks