Registering in Belgium

I am a Bulgarian, I got a job in Brussels, and the company provided me an apartment in Schaerbeek.
But when I took a look at the Schaerbeek town hall site at: … in-commune

I find that there is visa D needed for Bulgarians and Romanians, as well as work permit.
But as far as I know, and I everywhere find it written, that the Bulgarians do not need a work permit since 1.1.2014.
Does anybody has an idea whether these people are wrong or ?

Ivaylo Iliev

I think they forgot to update the English version of that page :) … on-commune

If you read the French version, it does not mention the special condition for Bulgarians + Romanians.

Also, do not go by the website always. Do go to the commune with your existing national ID + passport + photos + employment contract + registered rental agreement. I am sure you will be able to register yourself.

I have heard the commune of schaerbeek is pretty busy. So do go early in the morning to catch starting spots in the queue.

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