Referral needed - Architect or graphic designer in HCM

Hi - I am writing from Ho Chi Minh City. I am hoping to have some luck with a referral to an architect or graphic designer. The responses to my have not panned out and it is something I am taking responsibility for because of the time frame. I am hoping that reaching out to the Singaporean community might bring a prompt result.

I am from the US and in VN to open a manufacturing facility near HCMC. We are endeavoring to produce railroad ties from bamboo. The facility we have in mind, which is currently available, already has buildings in place. Our need is for a credentialed architect or graphic designer to display the buildings in 3D format so that I can better showcase the location to our US based team, including our investors. I'm anticipation about 2 days will be needed at the facility and 3-5 extra days to prepare the interim work product. I believe there are six functional buildings. 

I would appreciate any assistance regarding a referral to someone who might be immediately available. Beside air travel, hotel, meals, driver and translator, compensation shall be commensurate with experience. Thank you so much! Best, Jason

Hi Jason,

Warm greetings from Singapore, I graduated with Bachelor in Industrial Design and have had more than 5 years of 3D Design experience in the exhibition design industry..perhaps you could pm me to discuss your requirements further?

Hi Phil - Did you get my PM? Jason

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