Other South Africans in Vienna?

Hi guys,

I will be moving to Vienna to do my Masters in September at the Diplomatic Academy. I have been several times, and I know alot of people there but it would be nice knowing some people from South Africa- you know to avoid getting homesick due to a lack of braais, rugby, complaining about the ANC and how crap home affairs is lol Well if any SA peeps are looking for a SA peep in Vienna, add or message me :-) look forward to meeting you all.

PS keen to meet any other English speakers too :-D

Hi there,

Thanks for this post. I've been to Vienna in June this year as part of my Euro-trip holiday and would love to work there, even for a short-term.

All the best for your masters. At least you'll study without protest disruptions ;-)

What do you feel about Vienna overall? Do you love the people, culture, night life, etc?

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