Meeting people in Vienna

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Updated 2019-10-31 12:43

Moving to a foreign place is always just as exciting as it is difficult. You are new in Vienna, don't know your way around and haven't yet established a circle of friends. So it is more than understandable that this is one major point to think about when it comes to moving abroad.

Good thing that people in Vienna are used to welcoming “foreigners” as it has always been a very international and multinational city. Even if people seem to be grumpy and untouchable - to put it quite frankly, in the end, they will all help you out and provide you with a warm welcome. At least most of them.

Socialising at your workplace

The easiest way to make new friends in Vienna is through your work. You will easily connect with people simply because you spend a lot of time together. Invite them over to your place or a drink after work, and you will be friends in no time.

Loiter around the city

If you don't want to build your entire social life around your coworkers, go out, get some coffee or a beer, and within a few minutes, inevitably someone will make eye contact. Rule number one is not to be shy, ask the person at the bar if the seat next to them is taken, if not, well sit down and enrol them in a conversation. You will be surprised how easy it is getting to know people if you send positive vibes and show some interest in their life and culture.

Groups and clubs in Vienna

If you are not a very outgoing type, there is still the possibility to join social networks like “Frag nebenan,” which literally means “ask next door.” The idea of that platform is to connect people that live close by, within 0.5 kilometres, so you can establish contacts with people living in the same neighbourhood as you.

Even on Facebook, you can find countless groups for expats and all kinds of foreigners trying to make a new life and friends here in Vienna.

Sports in Vienna

Another way to meet new people is in sports. So many friendships have probably started while sweating next to each other in a first Bikram yoga session or trying to follow the steps of the Zumba teacher. There are plenty of private football groups you can join or enrol in one of the “USI-Kurse” as mentioned in our article about “Student life in Vienna.”

Just be yourself and keep enjoying the same activities as in your own life, be open to exploring something new, and you will have built your social network in an instant.

Apps in Vienna

Last but not least, we have to talk about Tinder. Yes, we know how dull. However, don't underestimate apps like that. In the end, it's all just people looking for some connection. Maybe your match is an actual one and perhaps it could even lead to this great thing called love. You will never know if you don't give it at least a try.

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