Driving foreign registered car in Austria


I have read a lot about the laws in Austria regarding driving a foreign licensed plate car in Austria.
This website summaries perfectly. http://innviertel.at/wirtschaft-standor … n-austria/

Now, i have some question for persons that knows better than me:
- if i will live in Austria and the car is registered on my name, i should  registered in Austria within 1-2 months. This is pretty expensive for me.
- car is leased from a leasing company, i am not the owner of the car only the user of the car. Can i drive up to one year without fines? Or how long i want as long as i cross the border within the year? Current situation. Perfect solution. No extra costs.
- car is registered on of my parents name but i am using it in Austria. Can i drive up to one year without fines? Or how long i want as long as i cross the border within the year? Very good solution, i have to pay the lease and register the car on my parent name.

I will not commute or use it heavily. Mostly weekends and for traveling big distances.

What do you know about option 2 and 3? Is it feasible to do that?

Also, regarding this: Usage of a vehicle without domestic admittance despite admittance obligations may result in a  5.000 fine. The vehicle owner also can be impeded from using his vehicle (e.g. take over keys and number plates through authorities).
What is this exactly. When can this law apply? Can it be applied under option 2 and 3?

Thanks a lot.

If you have your main residence in Austria, you may use your car or trailer with foreign number plates only for one month in Austria. The one-month period starts when the vehicle is first imported into the country. A temporary removal of the vehicle from Austria does not interrupt this period.

A one-month extension is possible if there are convincing arguments as to why you couldn't register your car on time. No further extension is possible.

https://www.help.gv.at/Portal.Node/hlpd … 31601.html

There is NO need to post the same question again. Therefore I have deleted your duplicated post.

Hi Daniel, did you ever found the answers to your questions?  Because I'm also looking at option 3 and would like to know if that's possible.